Anthony Robbins: The Power Of Clarity And Purpose

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Anthony Robbins: The Power Of Clarity And Purpose

Having complete focus and clarity in your goals and the path you want to take is crucial to you success in life.Here you hear a great story from the great Tony Robbins.Life will pay whatever price you ask of it…

What is the RPM PLAN ?

R is for results and reasons why.clarity is power knowing what you want with absolute clarity and go after it no matter  what.knowing what you want pacifically ..

P Is for purpose why are you doing it ?, you must know the why and reasons for wanting your goal.Ask yourself why you want what you want?

M is for your massive action plan.What is actually going to get you to follow through having a plan a ,b c, because if you dont when you hit your first hurdle you will give up.

This RPM PLAN will get you extraordinary results in your life ,business and relationship.


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