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MUDDLED by Block Chains?

WONDERING about Wallets ?

Do you give a FORK ..??

If your answer to any/all of the above is YES then read this – it may help.

Bitcoins; Alt-coins; Block Chains; Wallets; Miners; Nodes; Hard Forks; Soft Forks…

“Enough – ENOUGH – STOP !! I GIVE-UP……!!!”

This was ME less than a few months ago when I first stumbled upon the mysterious “Space” that is Crypto-Currency…..I did not understand it at all – none of it !!

Allow me to explain……

For the last few months I have been trading the forex markets and been looking around the internet looking for something that excites a bit more than sitting in my home office watching screens all day long !. Wondering how come all these people – mostly “Millennials” (teenagers) were making millions of $$$$ selling “sand to the Arabs and snow to the Eskimos” – apparently using nothing but Facebook “likes and Comments” I thought – I can do that too…. Of course I was wrong.

Any way, by pure chance I came across a video link /page – not sure which ? and it was a man talking about Bitcoin and a BITCOIN multiplier. I’d never heard of it in my life before, but I was curious….Sooo – I GOOGLED it and thats were it all started….I was hooked on cryptocurrency and the bitcoin revolution…..!!!

In the begining I thought it was a “real Gold coin” !! ha ha  – I know, I know… stupid right…but it gets worse… I began digging deeper – and the deeper I dug – the MORE CONFUSED I became. I learned that these “Gold Coins” were “MINED” by “MINERS”..!!

So now – in my head I had this image of men down a hole in the ground with pic-axes digging-up these coins !!! and not only that.. but…..when they found one they kept it in their wallet !! (be honest now – who else thought the same thing…lol)

Nevertheless I continued watching video’s and reading…I learned about these people called Cipher-Punks (who apparently live in basements in California….?) and they where creating Block-chains that were “disruptive technology” monitored and maintained by “nodes” sporadically dotted all over the planet and that these Block-chains were immutable (that means No Re-funds) and unhack-able – and that ALL of this was the invention of ONE Japanese person called Satoshi Nakamoto – who nobody actually ever met and no-one has ever seen nor heard of since..a ghost ?? !!

Does this sound familiar to any of you ?? The bottom line was at this stage I thought “What the hell are these people on about – bloody nut cases !! ??

I continued digging and gradually began to figure it out. This is what I’ve learned..

Pay attention now.. !! This is the important part.


because the chances are you’ll get it wrong and leave the person you were trying to explain it to – MORE confused than when you started !!

Instead explain what BITCOIN IS NOT !! because by explaining what it is NOT it actually makes the understanding of what it IS – way easier.

Soo –

Bitcoin is NOT a coin!

Bitcoin is NOT made of Gold !

Bitcoin is NOT dug from the ground by men with pic-axes.

Bitcoin is NOT kept in a wallet in your back pocket.

You can NOT hold Bitcoin in your hand.

You see – the “Crypto/Cipher Punks” by their own definition are “Mega Nerds”. “Geeks” (highly intelligent geeks – to whom we should all be eternally grateful).

BUT – they most definitely were NOT MARKETERS!!

That is why they came up with the whole “Gold Coin” – “Mining” – “Wallet” analogy thing. These are common words which we automatically associate with a strong mental image in our minds. That is why idiots like me were confused right at the start !! We took those images literally – which caused the confusion.

Now that that’s outta the way. Allow me to explain what BITCOIN and bitcoin multiplier is

Bitcoin is a currency that exists on the internet. It is created on the internet it lives there.

Bitcoin is NOT a Company, a Product or a Service.

Bitcoin is an internet Protocol – a method of communication – just like email or for that matter the Web itself.

Bitcoin is Pure math and can not be physically held in your hand.

Bitcoin does not belong to ANY Government or Nation nor is it controlled by any Bank.

Bitcoin does not have a CEO or HQ.

Bitcoin is controlled collectively by the participants in the network.

Bitcoin is a completely Global and Open system of money that anyone can participate in WITHOUT asking permission, registering an account or showing ID

Bitcoin is disruptive by design – a game changer and life changer.

Bitcoin allows the individual to retain SOVEREIGNTY of their own money.But most importantly – Currency is only the FIRST App of Bitcoin – remember – the “geeks” just picked the wrong name!!!I  I hope this helps…??

I’m now up to $300 a day dropping into my ewallet, I’m mining my own bitcoin paying out daily bitcoin and investing in alt coins on the exchanges.

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start multiplying  your income while you sleep, this is life changing!

lets go !!


Mark Stokes
“Bitcoin Entrepreneur”

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