Are You Making The 5 Biggest Mistakes to Making Money Online ?

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are you making the 5 biggest mistakes when starting
or growing your online business ?
 these proven Mistakes
maybe what’s holding you back from making
any cash online.
I also have 4 solutions for you to ensure
you do NOT make the same mistakes I did..
watch this video first then we can chat further

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1. Your NOT following the right system.

Not having a SYSTEM is blind archery
and the reason so many fail online.

marketers are trying too hard to work it out

Just Bloody STOP IT .

System = “saving your time,
energy, and cash-flow”.

A PROVEN system helps you discover the fast
track to success, and the fastest way
to profits and avoiding time wasting

and a lot of frustration too ..

2. You don’t have Positioning and branding.

do you Google people if you gunna spend money with them ?

hmmm thought you would i would too ..

..well thats what branding and positioning is all about
being that go to guy in your field and having an expert
presents online..

It takes technical and design skills to build a
a website and get it ranked on page 1 of Google

something many marketers never achieve.

By joining team lets go, members get ‘ a done for you’
turnkey websites and ready-made ‘plug & play’
authority blog all with SEO capabilities of ranking


3. You don’t mix in the right circles.

When people are getting started online,
and they know it’s real and possible to
grow a profitable online business

Their excitement often leads them
to tell the world about it…

Unfortunately, other people (dream stealers i call em)
do not always share your believe and passion for success.

I remember..

my girlfriend, friends and family laughing at me when
i first got started online…

saying i was stupid and get a proper job ha ha

They think its a scam !!

A community of entrepreneurs with the same vision as YOU.. the glue that provides the energy
and believe when things get tough
and your ready to quit cus you will be
there for sure..

The community’s role is to support and encourage
your journey as a digital entrepreneur.


4. You don’t have the right mentor.

Just like learning how to drive a car, a driving instructor
is needed to ensure the pupil is on the right track.

It’s the same for running or growing a
profitable online business.

The fastest way to become successful
in any business endeavor is to follow
the lead of those leaders already
achieving the results you desire” 


5. You don’t have a proven high converting sales funnel.

It’s vital to have a high converting sales
funnel that helps and guides you to
build an income fast by leveraging a powerful
community, proven mentor, proven tested
system with cutting edge products that do all the selling for you..

There are people all over the world joining my



Because they can just  plug straight in
and start marketing from day one with
little or no experience what so ever

By starting with a strong, proven, unique
sales funnel new members do not have to
learn how to sell and go through a long painful
learning curve like I had to 3 years ago.Technology
and software has changed the game now.

it’s never been so easy..

Ask yourself – are you making one or even five
of these  deadly mistakes, if you are -lets talk soon
how i can help you…
After going from being an offline business owner, close
to bancrupcy , having to move back in with my mum
feeling humiliated and disappointed with life…
I worked my ass off for 2 years to find out these 5 things were
the mistakes most people were  making including me..
3 years later…….
i get to travel-the-world.
As I write this i’m in Starbucks California
waiting for the sun to come up so i can hit the beach 🙂
  • I have been asked speak on stage in front of hundreds of entrepreneurs.
  • I get recognised for my efforts and share my story to inspire others.
  • I live a life of freedom of time-money-location.
  • I give back to my friends and family.
  • I don’t work Monday’s lol
and i get to help YOU create success in your life.
2014 is to help hundreds of entrepreneurs and
get started online
Now it’s your turn.
I can help you.
imagine making your first $100
 imagine making your first $1,000
imagine making your first $10,000
imagine making your first $100,000
Let me help you.
   4 Options To Help You
Overcome These 5 Mistakes
[1] Join me inside The Six Figure Mentors System.
This is the community of over 500 Entrepreneurs (no over saturation)
Digital Entrepreneurs that are now part of one of the fastest-growing
home based digital business’s on the planet.
It’s the fastest way to make $19.95 – $1,000 per day.
Using the SFM’S veins of gold traffic methods and resources.

It’s only $19.95 for an application to get started.You can view the presentation video here.Using this same system, has given me the privilege of escaping the 9-5 and not having to answer to a bossever again :)some proof here

 100% income verified.
– Results will vary – No income guaranteed.
[2] Join me inside the Community.
 this is the new system on the market,
that you can pick up $1k, $3k & $5k Commissions.
WITHOUT ever picking up the phone.(this is done for you from the SFM call centre)
WITHOUT building your own sales funnels.
WITHOUT doing any of the techi stuff you are asked to do
(I’ve made over $30,000 in sales using this system just from
– Results will vary –
[3] If you need Done For You Website Traffic.
Most marketers just getting started fail because they can’t get
 prospects -visitors to come to their
capture pages.
SFM have quickly become the unique
resource for some of the most targeted sources when it comes to
getting traffic.
Success =  more traffic, more  leads = more  sales
You can request a call back” with
[4] FREE 1 on 1 Strategy Session.
If you are new to this stuff and  want clarity,
someone to speak to with 1on 1 and give you,

guidance and show you personally how you can get

the support, mentoring, community and
Done For You system – then book
– Let me know how i can help you,
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