March 23, 2017

Locksmiths in Demand By All Citizens

Often, we feel tired of remaining stuck in a routine that doesn't bring much variety or color to our lives, especially as a result of needing to make ends meet.  For this reason, exist people like Mark Stokes.

'9-5' by Dolly Parton

Mark Stokes is an individual and a website that assists other folks in beginning an independent, free life outside of the nine to five routine.  He offers an essential guide to building one's own online business through internet marketing and proper tools, without having to sell one's hours for money.



The '9-5 Escapist'

Many people have been lucky with the help of Mark Stokes, otherwise known as "The 9-5 Escapist", to become their own bosses through Digital Marketing tools and video testimonials.  He offers a book as a guide to becoming free of the nine to five lifestyle.
As attractive as it may seem and sound, being independent is not void of the issues and tensions of daily life. Due to the fact that freelancers and self-employed people often work from their home or office, unexpected emergencies may occur, such as being locked out of the work place.  For this reason, locksmithery is still very much a needed profession among employers, employees, and the self-employed.

Slave to time

247 Austin Locksmith

Some of the cheapest prices in the locksmith industry are working round-the-clock at 247 Austin Locksmith, offering free quotes to clients.  Their friendly dispatching system match each clients' needs and provide with the nearest available technician.
Using the latest and safest technologically-advanced tools as a consequence of in-depth research, each technician arrives on site with the tools and knowledge needed to take care of all lockout situations.  There is almost no lockout issue in which the technicians haven't heard of or handled, as each one has been selected one by one to ensure credible experience and training within the field.


Services Offered

Automobile services include roadside emergency service such as car lockouts, ignition key extraction or replacement, car key replacement, key duplication, rekeying, car door unlocking, truck unlocking, jammed car key extraction, transponder key reprogramming, broken car key repairment, ignition switch replacement, and more; all with little to no damage.

In order to protect one's workplace, firewalls and cyber-security are not sufficient.  247 Austin Locksmith's team is trained and certified to work almost any commercial locking system; from standard dead bolts to drop bolts, mortise locks, interior door locks, and filing cabinets.  Panic bars may also be installed in the case of a need for a quick exit in emergency situations.

So whether one is an employer or a freelancer working in an office, 247 Austin Locksmith is prepared to get one back into any commercial building, office, or workplace.


Why 247 Austin Locksmith?


The quick arrival of the technicians and speedy response time beats all locksmith companies in the industry, including a team of fully trained and experienced technicians.  Each locksmith is equipped with the necessary experiential background and tools needed to handle even the most difficult lockout conditions.  The company promises a guaranteed fast response time on part of both customer representatives and technicians. 

Pricing as seen on starts at $19 service call fee; $19 lock re-keying; $25 car or residential lockout; $25 car key duplication; $25 mailbox lockout; $30 car key extraction; $60 new lock installation; $60 file cabinet lockout; and $60 filing cabinet change.
All car manufacturer types are up for car lockouts, ignition repair, key duplication, transponder reprogramming, and auto-security system installation.  Whether the key is stuck inside of the ignition or broken off inside, or simply another transponder key needs to be issued or reprogrammed, 247 Austin Locksmith's experts are prepared to solve the issue.  Or, if the issue is domestic and one is locked out of his home or office, 247 Austin Locksmith's professionals arrive on the scene immediately prepared with various locks.  

For 24 hour locksmith service, one may contact (888) 657-5962 and receive a reasonable rate for any ignition, key, home, office, or general lockout problem.

Our Journey plus the best advertising strategies uncovered

During a workshop training day with our team James and I decided to tell our story.

I’m sure you will agree these stories are typical of most people’s struggle today..

There is a better way than having to selling an hour of our time for money!! and the Internet has given us the key to that freedom.

Watch the video below and let me know your thoughts ..


Having multiple income streams is one of the most powerful things you can do online..

if you can make 1000.00 a month with one business opportunity then why not have at least 5 and make 5000.000

a month …

…make sense ?

Here is a taste of some of the training we did on the workshop (note everyone in the room had to pay to get this training)

chances are you have a entrepreneurial mindset so lets help unleash that entrepreneur in YOU, go check out the business model that started everything for me just over 18 months ago

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Mark Stokes

Mark Stokes


List building on Steroids

Learn to List build and slay Your Boss 2013

Here is a quick video i just did showing how to build a list of subscribers of over 80 within a few minutes

if you can master this skill you future is very bright online..:)

take a look now…  as I speak this is growing by the second..after you have watched the video check out

the image below to see how its going …


want to come to the workshop then contact me here Skype mark.stokes118

here is how it’s going so far

list building strategies                                  the next day


all the best

Mark Stokes

The Job Slayer

Mobile 07711180000

Digital Experts Academy (Big announcement)

Time for Change For The Six Figure Mentors


Empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs to flourish in the digital economy.

 Stuart Ross the founder of the The SFM has formed a new partnership with Jay Kubassek,they have decided they want to change the industry by taking Internet marketing into the digital age… coming soon


See below important message …


A traditional education can help you make a living… Our Digital Education will help you live the life of your dreams.

Digital Experts Academy is a high-level education and training program with a collective of the world’s leading digital entrepreneurs committed to sharing their strategies and business success to members starting in 2013.

apply here for an application ==>

Monday Morning again1

Exciting NEWS for The Six Figure Mentors (Top Secret)


 Mark Here,
So looking forward to today
 I’m off to watch my home football team Leicester
city play Bristol city to go top of the league
first time for years 🙂
 Anyway’s as you may know or may not know, James and I have been working
closely with Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek (his new Partner) …
and we want to share some EXCITING NEWS very soon
can’t say too much at the mo had to sign a NDA
(non disclosure agreement)
The Six Figure Mentors are about to explode and we are
very excited to announce we will be taking a leading role
in the training to help others achieve a six figure Income
working from your Laptop..
Stuart and Jay have a goal, and that is to help 1000
entrepreneurs make a six figure income by 2015
Now if that is to be YOU it”s time to make a DECISION!
There is an application to get started and it is going to
be increased very soon …
The membership is going to be increased also
so if your on the fence and want a laptop lifestyle
then its time to make a DECISION…
If you want change in YOUR life in 2013 and beyond
slay your job and live the life of your dreams …
…then you have to change..
…WHAT you are doing,
who you hang out with…
…..and HOW you THINK!….
So come and join us, work hard play hard
and be a DIGITAL ENTREPRENEUR with a laptop
lifestyle we all deserve….
Here is a pic taken last week James and I getting very drunk
with Stuart Ross , Jay and  other super affiliates at Funky Buddhas
night club Mayfair London, Cheryl Cole’s local lol
If you didn’t see this last week see below an important message from Stu
Have a great weekend
Mark and James





Back in 2007 I was the most stressed I had ever been.I was in debt, I was working 70 hour weeks
and even worse I had no time to do
ANYTHING fun.I felt like I was on a hamster wheel with no way off.Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t think my life
was particularly bad in comparison to other people’s.
The truth is, the majority of my friends and colleagues were in the
same boat.The difference was I seemed to have a BURNING DESIRE
to do something about it.Most of them didn’t – and to be frank.

That is why most of them are still living that life.So here is my question for you.Do you have a BURNING DESIRE?

I’m talking about a burning desire to create a

completely different lifestyle for your family…What I refer to as a “Stress-Free” Internet Lifestyle.You may already have one I don’t know.

However, if like many of my subscribers you

are more than ready for a little more freedom
(financial and time)….
….then you need to watch this video right now before I
take it down.I will warn you though, this isn’t a short video.
For me to share with you what it takes
to create a difference in your life,
I will need you to give me some of your time.So please only bother to watch this video
if you are open to learning something new and
prepared to sit back and learn some
extremely powerful stuff.I’ve never shared this information
before and I won’t be holding back!In fact, I’ll even be taking you to my
private hideout so I can share with
you this NEW business model that
is changing lives.

– Regards,

Stuart Ross

PS. Feel free to shoot me any questions after watching this video.

Have a great Sunday {!firstname_fix}
Mark & James


The Six Figure Mentors Elite Training Day in London

Elite Training Day in London with Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Well what an exciting time we had in Lodon with Stuart Ross and the Six Figure Mentors team

we had special guest Jay Kubassek give us some inspirational information to what is just around the corner

in this as he calls it the age of the Digital Entrepreneur.

If you have been looking into the Six Figure Mentors then your timing is perfect..

there is going to be some amazing announcements and opportunities for the existing affiliates

so if you grab an application and your are on the inside when it happens then you are going to be

a very happy bunny 🙂 you will find a link further down for your application form


The Six Figure Mentors age of the Digital Entrepreneur

Right now offline business’s are suffering big time also jobs are getting replaced by the digital age

business owners are out sourcing alot of stuff to other countries and taking advantage of the lower

hourly rates and the ability to leverage the Internet to get more tasks completed much faster by companies

offering outsources.There is no recession on the internet and taking action now to learn the skills to be

a digital Entrepreneur will safe guard you and your children from this declining offline economy…


The Six Figure Mentors vision in 2012/13 and beyond

It was great to get to work with Jay Kubassek and listen to his vision and see his creativity in looking to change the future

of the direct sales arena online.

Jay Kubassek and Mark Stokes


Stuart Ross the founder of the six figure mentors has been working along side Jay Kubassek to help see how he can bring a new dimension to the Internet Marketing Industry.He said existing members of the SFM will be very very happy when it is all annouced how he intends to achieve this.


He also said that “if people are sitting on the fence looking at The Six Figure Mentors they need to get in now before it’s all annouced” there will be thousands of dollars of saving for existing members..





A Six Figure Mentors Student Testimonial by Jon Allo

It was great to finally meet one of my students at the SFM day in london he is  from Jersey listen to how he

is doing….

 to get started here is the application page.

The key to succeeding online by Stuart Ross

Want to know the Secret key to succeeding online ?

watch the video below and be inspired motivated .

Lets go for a ride with founder of the Six Figure Mentors Stuart Ross,he wants to answer the most common

question he gets asked on a day to day basis…

application and bonus’s here ==>


Internet Millionaire Stuart Ross Looking for Students

Message from Internet Millionaire Stuart Ross

The Six Figure Mentors founder Stuart Ross has a question for you ? click the play button below and be inspired by how fast

it is possible to build a six figure business online.

watch the video till the end there is a $495.00 free bonus to those hungry Entrepreneurs wanting to break free from the

9-5 existence known as a job….


In this video you’ll discover how YOU could be one of our next success stories, becoming one of our thousand students earning $10,000 + month online. TURN up your speakers, and watch this video in its entirety… because literally the information I’m now revealing has almost NEVER been shared before, & has the potential to alter the course of your life forever.

to get started and claim your $495.00 bonus’s go here now


Mark Stokes

founder member and Job Slayer


Best Home Based Business UK


best home based business

best home based business

If you are searching for a way to make money on the internet, you may be wondering which is the best home based business for you. Or perhaps you have been involved in online marketing but haven’t had any success. So whether you are just getting started in internet marketing, or want to improve your results in an existing business, there is a program that will coach and mentor you as you develop the techniques you need to be successful. I will explain how this can help you in this Six Figure Mentors review.

Every day thousands of people start an internet business but many do not succeed in earning a good income. One of the main reasons for the high failure rate is that most marketers do not have the important skills to succeed and are unaware of where they can get the training to obtain them.

While it is true you need determination and a positive attitude to earn substantial income, you must have the marketing expertise to get the results you are working to achieve.

Best Home Based Business built by an Internet Millionaire

The Six Figure Mentors community was started by Internet millionaire Stuart Ross. Stuart has had remarkable success on the internet, by achieving a multiple six figure income and being able to quit his job within a year. He wanted a training and mentoring community that would be available to help people worldwide . The goal was to teach people how they could also generate a six figure income and live the life of their dreams. There is no better training than from people who are already generating the kind of income you desire.

The Six Figure Mentors system is a complete training resource that will show you the strategies multi-millionaires are using to create wealth using the internet. The community offers video tutorials, webinars, tools, coaching, a members forum, and technical help. You will learn how to create easy and effective lead capture pages. Full step by step instruction is included. This dynamic training will help you reach your goals quickly, even if you are brand new to internet marketing.

A members forum allows you to interact and form relationships with other entrepreneurs. Active participation is encouraged with team sharing and co-ops.

Mentorships are also available. This entitles you to live training and mentoring by some of the most successful internet entrepreneurs today. There are live events, including an Elite Mastermind where you will form friendships with people as determined as you are to create financial freedom. If you are unable to attend the events are also be available to you online.

Membership with The Six Figure Mentors will teach you exactly what six figure income earners are doing so you can duplicate their success. This will dramatically accelerate your income while you work with the very best in the internet marketing industry.

The Six Figure Mentors can change your life, regardless of your background or experience. It is the “best home based business” for training and coaching internet entrepreneurs, with  step by step foundations showing you exactly how to become financially independent using the internet providing all the tool to get you there.

Best Home Based Business reviewed

Here is a back office tour from one of the top earners at The Six Figure Mentors.

To apply for an application to join The Six Figure Mentors Home business go here now



Mark Stokes

Learn how to start a “spare-time” online marketing business and participate in the Digital Gold Rush!
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