September 19, 2014

Banners Broker World tour In Manchester UPDATE V2.9 Notes

banners broker world tour

banners broker world tour

banners broker world tourBanners Broker Update and summary of the 3 days at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton

Affiliate of Banners Broker International, not an Official Representative

What a fantastic event it was in Manchester!! it was my 3rd tour following Portugal in July 2012, and then Dublin November 2012.I have to say this was the most informative of them all.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the new 2.9v  changes Implemented very soon.

It was very obvious to me Chris Smith (founder) and Raj Dixit (CEO Stellapoint) have every intention of building a business model that will be here for many years to come.

Raj Dixit said on stage he wanted to “build a sustainable business we can all be proud of and hand down to our children and generations to come”

David Hooker chief of Compliance and Business development also said Banners Broker had signed a 10 year lease on the offices in manchester, and are looking to employ over 20 full time staff to be the support  for the whole of Europe…

The Gala dinner was great and was so good to meet so many like minded Entrepreneurs all making money in the same business…

….I even had chance to meet Chris Smith again :)

Mark Stokes meets Chris Smith Founder of Banners broker

Mark Stokes meets Chris Smith Founder of Banners broker

Gale dinner evening with over 800 people ready to eat dance and be merry…

banners broker gala dinner


Here are my notes from the 3 days

Banners Broker world

1. To make a withdrawal you must take in to account your monthly commitment first and the difference betweent that and you balance is all you can withdraw. Same applies to transfer of panels and packages to direct referrals. Account must have enough funds to cover monthly commitments

2. You will only be able to quality a certain % of panels with traffic pack traffic before you have to qualify a certain % with traffic from the other traffic banks (organic, sales or incentive). Details yet to be worked out. Watch out or more details. Those who have purchased loads of traffic packs before the ratios of traffic pack to other sales credits are determined, there will be a way to reduce the number of packs to even the balance on the restrictions on using traffic pack traffic.

3. The max withdrawal in a calendar year without restrictions is $500,000. Any amounts beyond that would require 50% direct sales so your maximum withdrawal in a year is $500k plus two times the value of your direct sales.

4. once you have 10 panels of any one colour you have to have 10% of your panels set to 100% so every 10th panel you qualify should be set at 100%. Say if you have 20 qualified yellows 2 will have to be set at 100%.

5. For new accounts, for your complementary package to complete, you must have an active campaign running. For all other accounts you’ll need to have active campaigns for your qualified panels to earn revenue. You must use your impressions. The reason is there are thousands of affiliates with loads of impressions sat there not doing anything and they are worth traffic so you need to use them either in the blind network or in the choice network to get organic traffic .

The very strong message in all the changes is to build a business that will be here to stay. Changes will begin Immediately go through to early April.Note the annual withdrawal limit started on 1st March but backdated to Jan.

The current delay in payouts was explained in detail but is expected to improve in coming days.
Charges for contacting support have now been activated and will apply depending on your account type.

Other changes include:
From 1 March, Advertising coordinator  services will only run for 6 months from signup to allow new members to learn the business. After that every affiliate is expected to manage their own accounts. Arrangements for this service for Existing affiliates will be terminated from 1 August without any cancellation fee.

Withdrawals for company accounts will be done through STP. Put a support ticket in with the business account details and the STP option will be activated.

Banners Broker World Tour Niagara falls Incentive

A new blue boosted panel “the Mercedes panel” Will be created as a promotion to the Niagra annual convention. This will cost $180 and will be in with a chance of winning a Mercedes at the event. Only condition will be that you must attend the convention – dates are mid to end July – details to be confirmed in the next two weeks or so
At this annual convention, the new BB millionaires will be awarded their gold BB millionaire rings. This will be for accounts that hit the $1M total earnings mark by April this year.

The new UK General Manager was introduced, she is from Stella Point in Canada. The office is due to open next week …

if you want more updates and more training go here


Mark Stokes



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