Is this just the beginning for Bitcoin or will the bubble burst?

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Will The Bitcoin Bubble Burst?

Bitcoins value has once again risen above £5500.00 per coin, 61% since last month (oct 17)
But will the bubble burst anytime soon ? That is what everyone is asking right ?
There is a lot of excitment and also sceptisim at the moment with Bitcoin …
when will it end ?

have a listen to the experts in the video below .

Nobody knows whats going to happen with Bitcoin but one thing for sure is its got momentum right now.

I like what was said in the video regarding being able to buy millibits of a bitcoin, just like having 1 pound coins

£5 pound notes up to £50 notes Bitcoin offers the same ..

you can buy parts of a Bitcoin coin.

Not everyone has got £5500k to spend in 1 go hey..

I think with favourable rulings from Japan and  Wall Street accepting Bitcoin, also wall street bringing in futures trading of Bitcoin, the brand is strong enough

to be around for years and could even break the £10k mark by April 2018..

Its like any investment there is risk and don’t risk more than you can afford.

Bitcoin is the new digital gold and is running out ..

21 Million of bitcoin is the market cap and  maximum going to be mined, so there

is scarcity to this. 16 million is already in circulation so what do you think about the Bitcoin bubble bursting ?

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The Bitcoin Revolution is just the beginning


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