April 24, 2017

What Biz opp will set Me free?

One of the most frequently asked questions

What Biz opp will set Me free?

watch the video for the secret to making money online

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to request a call back from my

business advisor Daniel…

follow the links here http://tidyurl.com/ypq1ap

i also want to make something clear ..

This is NOT some biz opp being pushed on you..!

-this is a real business with an EDUCATION that takes



…you will be expected to attend a workshop UK , AUS,US only.

The reason i’m making this clear is


I have had many people emailing me, messaging me on FB ,

Skype me at silly o clock..

asking how come I’m flying around the world and not working

for a whole month in January,

And WHAT BIZ OPP am I making money with ..??

My reply was MULTIPLE STREAMS !!

get the education first with the resale

rights to the same coaching, and get

high ticket commsions 50% or more..

once you have mastered that



opportunities .

I have 6 income streams online NOW..

..but get started with ONE first ..


thats all for now

Just finished a 6 mile run on the beach ūüėČ

drinking my cappuccino in the coffee shop,

then off to the beach for some sun ūüôā



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Keep Dreaming, Keep Believing, Lets Go!

Are you giving up on your dream of making money online ?

then I have an important 3 min

Message for ya !

watch this video now

our img

I hope you got some inspiration from that message, because if your like me and have a burning desire

to make some cash online ,and live a life of freedom by not having to work a 9-5 you will have to

keep dreaming and beliving ..because you will have times when you just want the easy option and give up.

here is my no 1 recommendatios to get started online.This is the exact system that helped me get started.

click the banner below and fill out an application to work with me personaly  

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need some proof of income go here 

“Million Dollar A Year Plan for MAPS” (the next biggest opportunity online)

Million Dollar A Year Plan‚ÄĚ for MAPS the next biggest opportunity online

and no this is NOT a scam ..!

I have had many dealings with the owner Mike Deese and is a man

that has been in the trenches like most of us and knows what is
required to make a company succeed online..

he has built Myadvertisingpays for the people ..

so are you ready ?

 Are you serious about making a MILLION DOLLARS a year
or more with My Advertising Pays?
Then its time to get SERIOUS!
register here first (for free)

It’s a simple 3 step process.

Step One

First Set a GOAL to Make a MILLION Dollars a year! Without a goal or a plan how are you going to get anywhere?

Write it down! See the VISION of you achieving this, inspiring others to be better, believe in bigger & focus on this many times DAILY. FEEL it, what will you do with your money? Where would you live? What car would you drive? where would you go on Holiday? How many times a year? CREATE your Vision, see it, believe it & take MASSIVE ACTION.

Step Two

BUY as many ad packs as you can! And be sure to COMPOUND Your Daily Earnings. Set your site to AUTO REPURCHASE in the members area.

Einstein said the most powerful way to make money ever is with COMPOUNDING! So with your PROFITS YOU SHOULD BE SURE TO COMPOUND YOUR EARNINGS DAILY!

If you double a penny every day for 30 days this would be a MILLION in earnings!

Each ad pack will earn you approx 2% daily & each ad pack cost you $49,99.

So if you buy 1 ad pack ($49,99) that will earn you approx $1 per day for 60 days, not exactly exciting is it! Not exactly what a MILLIONAIRE would do is it?


So, now lets say you purchased 20 ad packs ($1000) that would earn you approx $20 DAILY, or $600 MONTHLY. Now that’s more like it & this is the MINIMUM that I recommend anyone to start with, if your SERIOUS about making a MILLION or more with MAPS (in your first year)

However, its still not going to make you a MILLIONAIRE.

100 Ad packs will cost you $5000 & earn you approx $100 daily or $3,000 MONTHLY.

200 Ad packs will cost you $10,000 & Earn you approx $200 daily or $6,000 MONTHLY.

Your GOAL should be to reach the maximum purchases that are allowed with MAPS, at the time of writing this, thats 1200 ad packs. Which will earn you approx $1200 DAILY or $36,000 MONTHLY WITHOUT ANY SPONSORING. Thats $438,000 Per YEAR!

If your short on funds you can EARN your way there!

Each time you refer a member who makes an ad purchase you make 10% commissions on there purchase. You don’t just get this once you get this EVERY TIME they purchase, you get this DAILY & for LIFE.

Just 20 members buying 20 ad packs daily earns you $2000 DAILY.

Or 200 members buying 2 ad packs daily earns you the SAME!

Yes you heard that right just 200 members buying 2 ad packs daily = $2000 DAILY INCOME

100 members buying buying 2 ads packs daily is still $1000 DAILY INCOME.

my friend and mentor has  has already sponsored over 900 members in his first 7 weeks (Part-Time)

Add that to your 1200 ad packs that you can purchase yourself & you have another $1200 DAILY

That’s a DAILY Income of $3200 = or an annual income of just shy of $1.2 MILLION Dollars.

Step Three

Recruit & Sponsor Like CRAZY!

Remember you EARN 10% on all your First Level Members for LIFE!

Just 20 members buying 20 ad packs daily earns you $2000 DAILY.

20 ad packs is $1000, so 20 x $1000 = $20,000 & you earn 10% which is $2000

Or 200 members buying 2 ad packs daily earns you the SAME!

200 members buying just 2 ad packs ($100) daily = $20,000 in sales 10% Commission is $2,000

This will earn you 10% on overrides which is $2,000 DAILY. Now this might seem a lot however its NOT! Remember we are working towards becoming a MILLION DOLLAR A YEAR EARNER in MAPS, & that FIRST Requires you & your teams to THINK BIG! HUGE! MASSIVE! Think & ACT LIKE A MILLIONAIRE.

20 members to purchasing $1000 every day & your there! Or 200 members purchasing just 2 new ad packs daily & your there! Even if you do just half that your almost there. Now, I have seen and done this before, almost ALL your members will COMPOUND there earnings daily to reach this. So how fast you do this is really up to YOU & YOUR TEAM.

Remember this though, your members will tend to do what you’ve done. I Personally have built HUGE Incomes & Teams by FIRST THINKING Like a MILLIONAIRE, then ACTING LIKE A MILLIONAIRE & then FINALLY I WILL ACHIEVE MILLIONAIRE STATUS


Don’t get sidetracked, don’t listen to the negatives!

Purchase, Compound & PROMOTE!

Let’s Go …



Are You Making The 5 Biggest Mistakes to Making Money Online ?

are you making the 5 biggest mistakes when starting
or growing your online business ?
 these proven Mistakes
maybe what’s holding you back from making
any cash online.
I also have 4 solutions for you to ensure
you do NOT make the same mistakes I did..
watch this video first then we can chat further

our img

1. Your NOT following the right system.

Not having a SYSTEM is blind archery
and the reason so many fail online.

marketers are trying too hard to work it out

Just Bloody STOP IT .

System = “saving your time,
energy, and cash-flow”.

A PROVEN system helps you discover the fast
track to success, and the fastest way
to profits and avoiding time wasting

and a lot of frustration too ..

2. You don’t have Positioning and branding.

do you Google people if you gunna spend money with them ?

hmmm thought you would i would too ..

..well thats what branding and positioning is all about
being that go to guy in your field and having an expert
presents online..

It takes technical and design skills to build a
a website and get it ranked on page 1 of Google

something many marketers never achieve.

By joining team lets go, members get ‘ a done for you’
turnkey websites and ready-made ‘plug & play’
authority blog all with SEO capabilities of ranking


3. You don’t mix in the right circles.

When people are getting started online,
and they know it’s real and possible to
grow a profitable online business

Their excitement often leads them
to tell the world about it…

Unfortunately, other people (dream stealers i call em)
do not always share your believe and passion for success.

I remember..

my girlfriend, friends and family laughing at me when
i first got started online…

saying i was stupid and get a proper job ha ha

They think its a scam !!

A community of entrepreneurs with the same vision as YOU..

..is the glue that provides the energy
and believe when things get tough
and your ready to quit cus you will be
there for sure..

The community’s role is to support and encourage
your journey as a digital entrepreneur.


4. You don’t have the right mentor.

Just like learning how to drive a car, a driving instructor
is needed to ensure the pupil is on the right track.

It’s the same for running or growing a
profitable online business.

The fastest way to become successful
in any business endeavor is to follow
the lead of those leaders already
achieving the results you desire”¬†


5. You don’t have a proven high converting sales funnel.

It’s vital to have a high converting sales
funnel that helps and guides you to
build an income fast by leveraging a powerful
community, proven mentor, proven tested
system with cutting edge products that do all the selling for you..

There are people all over the world joining my



Because they can just  plug straight in
and start marketing from day one with
little or no experience what so ever

By starting with a strong, proven, unique
sales funnel new members do not have to
learn how to sell and go through a long painful
learning curve like I had to 3 years ago.Technology
and software has changed the game now.

it’s never been so easy..

Ask yourself – are you making one or even five
of these  deadly mistakes, if you are -lets talk soon
how i can help you…
After going from being an offline business owner, close
to bancrupcy , having to move back in with my mum
feeling humiliated and¬†disappointed with life…
I worked my ass off for 2 years to find out these 5 things were
the mistakes most people were  making including me..
3 years later…….
i get to travel-the-world.
As I write this i’m in Starbucks California
waiting for the sun to come up so i can hit the beach ūüôā
  • I have been asked speak on stage in front of hundreds of entrepreneurs.
  • I get recognised for my efforts and share my story to inspire others.
  • I live a life of freedom of time-money-location.
  • I give back to my friends and family.
  • I don’t work Monday’s lol
and i get to help YOU create success in your life.
2014 is to help hundreds of entrepreneurs and
get started online
Now it’s your turn.
I can help you.
imagine making your first $100
 imagine making your first $1,000
imagine making your first $10,000
imagine making your first $100,000
Let me help you.
   4 Options To Help You
Overcome These 5 Mistakes
[1] Join me inside The Six Figure Mentors System.
This is the community of over 500 Entrepreneurs (no over saturation)
Digital Entrepreneurs that are now part of one of the fastest-growing
home based digital business’s on the planet.
It’s the fastest way to make $19.95 – $1,000 per day.
Using the SFM’S veins of gold traffic methods and resources.

It’s only $19.95 for an application to get started.You can view the presentation video here.Using this same system, has given me the privilege of escaping the 9-5 and not having to answer to a bossever again :)some proof here

 100% income verified.
– Results will vary – No income guaranteed.
[2] Join me inside the Community.
 this is the new system on the market,
that you can pick up $1k, $3k & $5k Commissions.
WITHOUT ever picking up the phone.(this is done for you from the SFM call centre)
WITHOUT building your own sales funnels.
WITHOUT doing any of the techi stuff you are asked to do
(I’ve made over $30,000 in sales using this system just from
– Results will vary –
[3] If you need Done For You Website Traffic.
Most marketers just getting started fail because they can’t get
 prospects -visitors to come to their
capture pages.
SFM have quickly become the unique
resource for some of the most targeted sources when it comes to
getting traffic.
Success =  more traffic, more  leads = more  sales
You can request a call back” with
[4] FREE 1 on 1 Strategy Session.
If you are new to this stuff and  want clarity,
someone to speak to with 1on 1 and give you,

guidance and show you personally how you can get

the support, mentoring, community and
Done For You system Рthen book
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If YOU can Dream it YOU can Achieve it


such a true statement if you can dream it you can achieve it

I have been dreaming of a digital life for 3 years and things

just keep fitting into place ,

I have just finished a 3 mile run on the beach here in LA and  feeling very alive !!

i uploaded a video for some inspiration showing some of my

best moments since new year


Living a digital life is one of the most amazing feelings.

making money online allows you to travel do things you could never ever do

when tied to a 9-5 job ..

if i had not of applied for an application to work with other

millionaire mentors i would still be in that job

So hope you enjoyed the video

if you are like me and have a passion to break free from the

rat race and not have to be controlled by what society tells us to do,

then go here get some free training and apply for an application to work with me

speak soon

Mark Stokes

“Living a Digital Life”


Monday Club Message From Paradise

Hey Mark Here,

Just sitting writing to you from paradise lol..

some inspiration on this Blue Monday !

why ?

because it’s official today is the worst Monday of the year ,

first day back to work after the holiday’s with a lot of debt and divorce ūüôĀ

enjoy your day

watch the video below i have an important message for you my friend

If you don’t want to make any money in 2014 then don’t watch it


The Six Figure Mentors

Have a great day



Happy New Year 2014 (early)

hey hey

Mark here..

Just wanted to say Happy New YEAR 2014 (early )

i will not get time to email like the gazillion
other marketers trying to sell you shit in
the next few days..

…WHY ?

BECAUSE i’m about to board a plane

and fly through 3 time zones with 3 different

climate temperatures, the first one is 3 degrees

2nd is 12 degrees and the 3rd is 25 degrees ūüôā

so have a great new year my friend ..

one thing I promised myself when i finaly
sacked the boss and gave up the 9-5

WAS to make sure i did nothing the goverment
or man (boss) said I had to do ..

like NOT working on MONDAY’S

i love the Monday club..

SO coming back to work after christmas
like the masses have to on the 6th Jan in the Uk

..well it’s not happening

I’m OFF somewhere for a few weeks

How ?

Cus i can and the Internet has given me this

gift ..

and you can do the same …


if you wanna know where I’m going
keep up to date with my Facebook
posts ..

..here https://www.facebook.com/themarkstokes

make sure you friend request me and send me
a message you saw this email.

I get loads of randoms asking me to marry them lol ..

So wish me luck and i will send you some video messages

from my locations over the next few weeks …
if you missed my email earlier…

.. here are my
TOP recommendations for making mon.ey

in 2014 and beyond


don’t get too pissed new years eve

luv ya


………………………….my email earlier …………………………

HI ,

Hope you had a fab Christmas ūüôā

if you missed my email earlier here is the hottest opportunities
online for 2014 and beyond

Best save this email for future reference and have a browse
over Christmas while the family are watching the soaps..

This is a sure way to make 2014 a great year for making some cash

Having multiple income streams is key to your success online

Why ?


relying on just 1 is risky

also not everyone will like your business opportunity.

so having different opportunities to offer your team

will appeal to a wider audience ..

and think about this ?

make $1000 from each business per month

or try to make $5000 from one ?

what do you think ?


Here are my top 5 recommended opportunities 2014 and beyond
………………………………………my email earlier if you missed it ……………………………………

All 5 opportunities
are Proven, global, have great pay plans & systems
all ready and set up for you to start earning straight out of the gate.

Perfect for beginners & experienced alike.

Top 5 Opportunities for 2014 & beyond

1. Digital Experts academy (The Six Figure Mentors)

A complete business in a box ready to start marketing from day
one.A system with all the tools and training all in one place.

see here on my blog some proof of how this business allowed
me to escape the 9-5 in 2012-13


2. IMarketslive

Learn to trade on the Forex and Futures stock markets
takes 2 minutes a day . A complete incubator of expert
video training.A signal service to mirror the experts trades

check it out here

3. MyAdvertisingPays (MAPS)

Just launched a few days ago, & set to be the fastest growing & paying company in 2014.


It’s impossible NOT To Make Money.

(Free To Join)

Pays out every 20 minutes daily

Every Single Person Makes Money 100%

Traffic System gets highly targeted Traffic

Every Traffic Pack returns 20% Profit every 2 months (compare that with a bank at 1% a year)

Huge Multi-Billion Dollar a year Industry just ask the 2 largest
companies online Google & Facebook.

100% of the members make money

100% of the advertisers get highly targeted traffic & 20%
return on every traffic purchased

What ever you join & promote online you will need traffic so
joining MAPS is compulsory if you want to succeed.


Learn More here…

JOIN here

tidyurl.com/my-ads-pay (Free to Join)
4. EmpowerNetwork (EN)

Proven fastest way to make $1,000+ per day.
Gives you fastest blogging System,
Core Internet Marketing Training Products,
Funnel System. (Already paid out over $75
MIllion Dollars in 100% Commissions

Click here & learn more

5. Pure leverage

The essential tool kit for all marketers
with a compensation plan that pays 100%
commissions for sharing these great tools with your team.


Elite coaching programme
Easy lead flow capture system
Video email service
Your own authority blog
Turbo traffic generation leads store
Live conferencing software
Here is your exclusive invite click here
So will 2014 be good for you ?

Have a great Christmas and New year
and look forward to working with you
very soon..

Mark Stokes
“Digital Entrepreneur, Ninja Trader,Home business expert,

P.S My NO 1 recomendation for 2014 and beyond,
here are some impressive results go here


Mark Stokes

Mark Stokes

Imarketslive Live UK Tour 4th-5th 7th December 2013

imarketslive uk tour

Imarketslive Live UK Tour


iMarketslive corporate are flying in from  all around the world to host this live event .

Co founder and CEO Mr Christopher Terry will be the main focus of attention.

He has accumalated millions of dollars of wealth over the last 14 years through Forex & Futures,

trading in the currency and stock markets..

He will be presenting his never done before business model Imarketslive ,

showing HOW the merging of 2 of the most powerful…

…industries, Forex trading and Network marketing,

and how he can help change ordinary people’s lives all around the world with this concept

Imarketslive Live UK Tour

why is Christopher Terry visiting the UK ?

IML affiliattes ¬†in the UK are doing such an OUTSTANDING job in growing their business’s,

After seeing video footage of a packed event in Milton Keynes Christopher felt it was essential to not only to show his appreciation but to assist every single affilatte ¬†by staging 3 Live Events in key locations around the UK with one purpose in mind…

…share his vision and help change lives, by learning to trade  in the forex  markets, and of course earn while you learn by sharing the vision with others ,

and get paid for it..

To see the video footage he saw click here 

Imarketslive Live UK Tour 4th-5th 7th December 2013

I was privaliged to witnessed such an events in Las Vegas in September this year, and when prospective affiliates meet the main man Christopher Terry known as MR BIGGY  and hear his story and vison,  they cannot help but want to get involved in iMarketslive.

So here‚Äôs what’s going to happen‚Ķ.and what to expect at the events

This will be a rare opportunity for you to bring as many guests to the venue of your choice and allow Christopher Terry and his team to inform and incentives  all into joining this phenomenal business.

UK Live Event Incentives

If Mr Christopher Terry is not enough to excite your you and your guests into joining the vision,

then the package of incentives being given away to you and  your prospects will be  every reason to join at the event..

…so all you have to do is get them there…..car…fly…bus…walk….anyway you can think of but please understand that these incentives are only available at the events and will not be available after.

What you should do next
1.  get registered now.Each event has maximum capacity, we have secured the largest seating room available . Once the venue is at capacity then no more bookings will be allowed.
Event ticket Prices:
Imarketslive existing Members Р£25.00 and will include up to 4 guests for free (Please ensure that your Guests are serious prospects and not your spouse or just friends)


WEDNESDAY 4th December starts 6.30pm   Thursday 5th starts 6.30pm            Saturday Dec 7th starts 11am till 2pm

submit_btn   submit_btn    submit_btn
Should an existing affiliate require more than 4 guest tickets – please contact me to arrange more.

2.If you are a member of imarketslive already Talk to your entire team  and arrange marketing within your own area or around the event itself.

There is traditional methods such as newspapers or consider Facebook and Google PPC. Think about getting together and forming co-operatives to contribute to marketing as a group and then organize transport to bring your prospects to the event.



Too learn more about Imarketslive go here I have a very important message i did for you while i was in Las Vegas

see ya there


Christopher Terry CEO

Christopher Terry CEO

Pure Leverage Launches new Product called Online Marketing Masters Workshop

pure leverage workshop

pure leverage workshop

If your looking to get started online for the first time then you need to keep ¬†reading…

I was in Las Vegas last week for the first ever Pure Leverage live freedom event ,so i wanted to share some of the golden nuggets that came out¬†from many of the great speakers and coaches including Russell Brunson, Daegan Smith,Joel Peterson and many more …

before we get into that here is an important message i shot from Las Vegas

Pure Leverage Launches new Product (Online Masters Workshop)

Here are some of my notes from the event, with some great tips on how to get your online business to explode.

  • Top tip to help get your youtube video ranked higher in the search.Put the link to the video in the description box this helps with back links
  • email marketing tip.. use the headline in your squeeze page in your email subject line.Then hyper link the same subject line in the email body going to the squeeze page.
  • Change the from in your email from time to time using a power phrase from your squeeze page
  • keep you squeeze page very simple with a 3 step process to get them where they want to go
  • your headline must scream curiosity
  • curiosity must be laser targeted focused on problem and desire , example earn while you sleep and never have to call a prospect
  • find out whats your prospects problem and ¬†desire
  • paid webinars for training is hot so learn this side of your business and offer to your loyal subscribers
  • be an attractive character to your audience with a back story, talk parables , polarity don’t be neutral is boring
  • pick what message you want to send out to your audience ie , be a leader/crusader, the reporter/evangelist,the reluctant hero
  • to build your list fast learn all about how to do a solo ads , google it and learn

Thats just a little taste of what nuggets were given at the Pure Leverage event..

I managed to grab CEO and founder of “Pure Leverage Joel” Therien and ask him how will the new master online course help

to take the $1 trial and find out how Pure leverage is a game changer in your business click here

The masters online workshop has been designed to help newbies and even the seasoned pro, be able to work at their own pace from home ,and  to use the workshop as an encyclopaedia of marketing tips to explode your online business..


to find out more information about Pure Leverage click here and subscribe to the newsletter

lets go!!

Mark Stokes




Imarketslive Launches in Las Vegas 2013

As I write this i’m in my room 19 floors up looking over Las Vegas..:)

I have to say what a party we have had with the corporate team at Imarketslive

watch this video footage of some fun and frolics at the Bellegio Vegas

Imarketslive Launches in Las Vegas 2013

On a more serious note I have to say meeting the main man himself CEO and co founder of Imarketslive Mr Christopher Terry ,was an absolute honour.

The passion he has to help ordinary people out there looking to make money online working from home is off the charts.

My impression of him is a 100% geniue guy that has brought 2 of the most lucrative industries together..

Christopher Terry CEO

Christopher Terry CEO

(network marketing and Forex and Future trading)

Christopher Terry who has made most of his wealth through trading the markets will deliver a product that will change people lives.

Christopher Terry and his expert traders will be working around the clock to ensure Imarketslive  deliver a educational product worth 10 times the value the low $1400 retail price asked.

Imarketslive have a very unique product never been done before.

Imarketsive will provide an education to be a full time trader

in the forex and futures markets working from the comfort of your home..

…and if you want to be an affiliate and share the vision for IML

you can then earn while you learn..

the big news here is the new marketing system IML have launched .

you will get a done for you sales funnel
1. 12 Squeeze page
2. welcome page with video
3. sales page
3. Pre written emails for your auto responder
4. and a lead store to order your leads to be sent to your funnel

This is a game changer for newbies and complete novices wanting to get started online

There are over a 1000 affiliates in 50 countries already in only 2 months of starting the company..

Brace yourself because Imarketslive will explode on the internet in 2013 and beyond..

The forex and futures markets trade over 5 trillion dollars a day

giving plenty of opportunity to make profits ..

IML offer 2 services to help affiliates  profit from trading. This is the sinal service and live trading rooms for education ..

you can get more details here 

Here is a video update from day 2 in Las Vegas

Imarketslive Launches in Las Vegas 2013

After spending time with Christopher Terry and his expert traders I have no doubt Imarkets live will be a household name

very soon ..

for more updates and  information go here 



Learn how to start a ‚Äúspare-time‚ÄĚ online marketing business and participate in the Digital Gold Rush!
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