March 23, 2017



well i bought this watch a month ago and I have to say it cheap rubbish don’t buy ..

the side screws fell out and let water in , the face has faded and rubbed off ..

very disappointed with Balmer & Kalt they would not ever replace it under warranty …

don’t buy

img_1028Balmer & Kalt

New Year New Start 2016


Locksmiths in Demand By All Citizens

Often, we feel tired of remaining stuck in a routine that doesn't bring much variety or color to our lives, especially as a result of needing to make ends meet.  For this reason, exist people like Mark Stokes.

'9-5' by Dolly Parton

Mark Stokes is an individual and a website that assists other folks in beginning an independent, free life outside of the nine to five routine.  He offers an essential guide to building one's own online business through internet marketing and proper tools, without having to sell one's hours for money.



The '9-5 Escapist'

Many people have been lucky with the help of Mark Stokes, otherwise known as "The 9-5 Escapist", to become their own bosses through Digital Marketing tools and video testimonials.  He offers a book as a guide to becoming free of the nine to five lifestyle.
As attractive as it may seem and sound, being independent is not void of the issues and tensions of daily life. Due to the fact that freelancers and self-employed people often work from their home or office, unexpected emergencies may occur, such as being locked out of the work place.  For this reason, locksmithery is still very much a needed profession among employers, employees, and the self-employed.

Slave to time

247 Austin Locksmith

Some of the cheapest prices in the locksmith industry are working round-the-clock at 247 Austin Locksmith, offering free quotes to clients.  Their friendly dispatching system match each clients' needs and provide with the nearest available technician.
Using the latest and safest technologically-advanced tools as a consequence of in-depth research, each technician arrives on site with the tools and knowledge needed to take care of all lockout situations.  There is almost no lockout issue in which the technicians haven't heard of or handled, as each one has been selected one by one to ensure credible experience and training within the field.


Services Offered

Automobile services include roadside emergency service such as car lockouts, ignition key extraction or replacement, car key replacement, key duplication, rekeying, car door unlocking, truck unlocking, jammed car key extraction, transponder key reprogramming, broken car key repairment, ignition switch replacement, and more; all with little to no damage.

In order to protect one's workplace, firewalls and cyber-security are not sufficient.  247 Austin Locksmith's team is trained and certified to work almost any commercial locking system; from standard dead bolts to drop bolts, mortise locks, interior door locks, and filing cabinets.  Panic bars may also be installed in the case of a need for a quick exit in emergency situations.

So whether one is an employer or a freelancer working in an office, 247 Austin Locksmith is prepared to get one back into any commercial building, office, or workplace.


Why 247 Austin Locksmith?


The quick arrival of the technicians and speedy response time beats all locksmith companies in the industry, including a team of fully trained and experienced technicians.  Each locksmith is equipped with the necessary experiential background and tools needed to handle even the most difficult lockout conditions.  The company promises a guaranteed fast response time on part of both customer representatives and technicians. 

Pricing as seen on starts at $19 service call fee; $19 lock re-keying; $25 car or residential lockout; $25 car key duplication; $25 mailbox lockout; $30 car key extraction; $60 new lock installation; $60 file cabinet lockout; and $60 filing cabinet change.
All car manufacturer types are up for car lockouts, ignition repair, key duplication, transponder reprogramming, and auto-security system installation.  Whether the key is stuck inside of the ignition or broken off inside, or simply another transponder key needs to be issued or reprogrammed, 247 Austin Locksmith's experts are prepared to solve the issue.  Or, if the issue is domestic and one is locked out of his home or office, 247 Austin Locksmith's professionals arrive on the scene immediately prepared with various locks.  

For 24 hour locksmith service, one may contact (888) 657-5962 and receive a reasonable rate for any ignition, key, home, office, or general lockout problem.

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Tony Robbins LIMITLESS PASSION Inspirational Video


Its that time of year again to be thinking about your goals for 2016 ….

here is some inspiration to help get you going …

enjoy 😉

our img

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I’m off to my Monday club golf day today 🙂
enjoy your day


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Fun and Frolics in Malibu

WOW had an amazing time cruising around the coastline in Malibu …

just wanted to share one of my dreams i set myself 2 years ago !

just keep dreaming, keep believing you can achieve anything, when you set your mind to it ..

watch the video hope you like it ..


all your dreams can come true BUT you must have a goal and take daily action to get you there..

whats your goal this year ?

do you have one ?

go get it !

make it happen..

How do you get results fast?

Three steps:

a) Find someone else creating fast results.

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c) Make course corrections that aid in the creation of your result, as you’re making mistakes and getting off course in the midst of your action.

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have a great day


Monday Club Message From a Secret Location

Listen to this message i just shot high up in the Hills from a secret location..

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