Copy Writing Tips To Turn Your Blog Into a Cash Machine

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Essential copy writing Tips for the blogging professional

copy writing tips

copy writing tips

Here is some “copy writing tips” to help you get your prospects to open your emails,read your mails,click the links and buy your products..

  • write like you talk to a friend
  • Just as if you are talking to a mate on the phone
  • focus less on grammar focus on easy reading
  • doesn’t need to be perfect

To get great at copy here’s some more copy writing tips

write yourself, as much as possible
read others copy for ideas
layout keywords down on paper (power words)

Make easy reading for your prospect

  • bullet points is easy reading


  • small paragraphs
  • thin lines down left
  • 500 pixels wide
  • leaving white space
  • sell through selling stories
  • have a opinion
  • get a result and sell that result

Example: how I did x and I will show you how I did x
or sell curiosity

if you generated 5 leads in a day write about
how you did it (not all the secret hold back) then ask people to opt in now
to find out more…
remember the soap opera strategy cut the scene as it gets gripping
then come back to it later,this keeps you reader hanging and
wanting to carry on reading..

Copy Writing Tips

Make the first part of your sales letter a big bold Headline:

  • appeal to curiosity and or problem
  • Make it compelling (should grab the reader by the throat)
  • It could be a question, statement etc
  • Cultivate your list to No Like and Trust you

Copy Writing Formula when emailing to your prospects

1 what you got for them
2.what it does for them to get what you got (call to action at end of your copy)

Some power words

lucrative solution
compacted online marketing world
Instant Access

More Copy Writing Tips:

have a good opening statement/ a sentence to draw them in
have a story around what you are selling
people like to be entertained

Tell your prospect where the gold nuggets are in
your video’s,:example Listen carefully after 6 mins 30 seconds
listen carefully ,this will earn you $$$$
in the next 5 years…

here’s what your going to get in video 5 etc

Copy Writing Tips

Where and when should you introduce good copy?

  • whenever you communicate
  • find someone to model optin to their list
  • watch someone who is successful see what they are doing
  • model others copy writing and put it in your own personality

Here is some Headline and power phrase SWIPE COPY

headline swipe file

  • Facts 500K in 60 days
  • true or false?
    like nothing else offered in 2012
  • I am not kidding. It is *UN-BEATABLE*
  • Are you ready? Check it out now!
  • Yours Free. (Value Priceless!)
  • If you’re not doing this you’re leaving
    THOUSANDS on the table.
  • It’s so simple, it’s genius.
  • Check it today…
  • Mark you’re accepted!
  • Watch $300 Being
Made In 23 Minutes…
  • Please DO NOT share this video
 if you’re serious about making 
  • FAST…

==>> Check it out here now
  • What’s It *All* About Mark? (find out tonight)
  • [please don’t share] private video
    *private webinar invite*
  • free video reveals
  • you’re really really missing the boat. Seriously

Well there you have it I hope these copy writing tips will give you the knowledge and tools to start turning your Blog,emails and sales page copy into a cash pulling machine.
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Mark Stokes

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