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Digital Entrepreneur

Digital Entrepreneur

Introducing the Academy of Digital Experts  (DEA)  launch date January 2013….

Pre launch Starts November 15th 2012

I write this post after just finishing a 2 hour webinar with 2 of the most professional marketers on the planet ,Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek…..

…WHO are responsible for making $40 MILLION online for themselves and their students over the last 5 years online…..

Now you may ask yourself how does that help me?

well you should be exited right now because if you are still here reading this post and decide to apply for an application to join the academy then over the next few weeks could be absolutely life changing for YOU..

The whole mission statement of the Digital Experts Academy is to create no less than 1000 financially self sufficient digital entrepreneurs by 2015

Employee or Digital Entrepreneur ?

With employment on the decrease and business’s laying off employees by the thousands now is the time to embrace the digital age and learn the skills to protect your future.
No longer can we think that getting a job is secure and we can have a well paid career for life WHY? well its because most of the work is being replace with virtual assistants in the Philippines, India and asia where people are prepared to work for $2 per hour and also business’s can replace most things now with a computer…. and things are not going to get better.Now that doesn’t mean you cannot make money anymore in fact it is said it’s easier to make more money now and create more opportunities in a world financial economic crisis than any other time in history…

so lets help you unleash your inner Entrepreneur.

 Unleash Your Digital Entrepreneur in 2012 and beyond

The Digital expert academy is going to change the game in 2012 and beyond there is too much push button get rich schemes making false promises to people right now, and many expensive information products sent to your inbox that are just either copied or out of date.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have join forces and brought together

The Six Figure Mentors  and Pro U communities and taken a Complete

fresh look at the business model and reverse engineered it taking

what has worked over the years and taken the best of the best and

come up with a coaching programme to create independent digital experts WITH LIVE over the shoulder 3 day intense workshop

bootcamps held in London,New York,Australia 4 times a year..

digital experts academy


DEA is a private membership and will help Entrepreneurs become Financially  Independent within 3 years

Success is predictable if your follow the steps required and take massive action.
Members have everything required for success as long as they have the right work ethics and beliefs in what they do ….

Trade secrets will be shared, best practices and best of breed solutions are broken into four key areas with each serving a distinct function and purpose as pillars of success

From starting point a to z , even someone who does’t even  khow how to check their emails…

The coaching will teach how to be able to market any product online

Digital Experts Academy core belief

belief that many individuals can create a digital lifestyle of freedom that is fully  within their control

Someone who is self reliant

not dependent on any job and that could be a 50k a year, 20k a year  JOB

How do you define success ?

Our mission statement for our members

  • To Create a life without limits, a life they want to live
  • Follow the path they think they should follow
  • Believe in Our core values
  • Strong morals  they believe in doing the right thing
  • They do there very best
  • Committed to the task
  • Take consistent action
  • Finish what they started
  • Rise above the level of mediocrity
  • Accept what can’t be controlled
  • Optimist  glass is half full
  • Humble

Only enemy known to  defeat success is ego !!

What will you do with your digital life ?
Imagine a life without limits a life without borders,boundaries or limitations ?

being a Free agent ?
Independent ultimate freedom

Create a digital life

The academy is also going to be offering retail products to entrepreneurs that want to build a digital business in any niche,

ie someone who wants to build a membership site for skiing enthusiast or selling ski,s ect  anything

It’s a retail product or a reseller product line
And members can become product of the product
And the below compliment everyones needs

DEA will teach Opportunity seekers to become professionals ,

not  attract broke or desperate people ,

attracting mlm top tier sales professional ,

People who make a lot of money understand the necessity   to be able to retail the product line without being a affiliate , high targeted quality people ,

The DEA will provide Business opportunity funnels available to take to market and provide solutions to the business opportunity seekers

Retail products are coming mid Jan  2013

DEA back end sales are made to assist all members to become financially independent within 3 years no guarantee ..








 Silver Membership

12 month digital mindset program E learning programme
To help set individuals long time success
There is a foundation that must be in place
6 courses and 30 modules delivered to your smart phone iPad laptop or PC

12 months teaching to create an entirely new way of thinking
Skill sets and mind sets for success
From employee to digital entrepreneur

E mentoring programme delivered in bite size pieces to be easily broken

Gold membership  

Builds on silver it’s there to teach you whole different level of coaching in a bootcamp to become a full time digital marketer over a twelve months period.
Using the cutting edge marketing strategies used by the best marketers in the world … Limited spaces to keep it over the should training , gold includes silver  ..

10 day upgrade from silver to gold and receive silver for free ….

Personal brand building workshop
It’s a brand building experts bootcamp  3 day intensive workshop it will take place in London, New York,Australia once a year..

You will able to launch a product into the digital space
Build your own brand blueprint to achieve your outcome
Includes silver gold if upgraded in 10 days

The Black Membership is what separates professional from amateurs not a risky dink hashed website put together , it a transition from marketing entrepreneur to professional digital entrepreneur ….

Black is  the ultimate digital mastermind An ultimate inner circle access to jay kubassek and Stuart Ross…
Getting access to the who,s who
Listed sharing for joint ventures to a list of a million subscribers
To distribute your products through the DEA publishing network

Once per year mastermind retreat hosted by the founders in a 5 star exclusive exotic retreat ..

  • An internal publishing network with an instant plugin to sales channels around the world ..


  • A chance to network with the best of the best marketers around the world .


  • Weekly webinars for Black products holders ,

This is a digital education and can be used alongside a traditional education
It’s designed to be a enjoyable journey ,

It’s a digital world and a whole  new way to play .

for more information and application to get started go here NOW

all the best and may 2012 -15 unleash your in Digital Entrepreneur..

Mark Stokes


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