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 Mark Here,
So looking forward to today
 I’m off to watch my home football team Leicester
city play Bristol city to go top of the league
first time for years 🙂
 Anyway’s as you may know or may not know, James and I have been working
closely with Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek (his new Partner) …
and we want to share some EXCITING NEWS very soon
can’t say too much at the mo had to sign a NDA
(non disclosure agreement)
The Six Figure Mentors are about to explode and we are
very excited to announce we will be taking a leading role
in the training to help others achieve a six figure Income
working from your Laptop..
Stuart and Jay have a goal, and that is to help 1000
entrepreneurs make a six figure income by 2015
Now if that is to be YOU it”s time to make a DECISION!
There is an application to get started and it is going to
be increased very soon …
The membership is going to be increased also
so if your on the fence and want a laptop lifestyle
then its time to make a DECISION…
If you want change in YOUR life in 2013 and beyond
slay your job and live the life of your dreams …
…then you have to change..
…WHAT you are doing,
who you hang out with…
…..and HOW you THINK!….
So come and join us, work hard play hard
and be a DIGITAL ENTREPRENEUR with a laptop
lifestyle we all deserve….
Here is a pic taken last week James and I getting very drunk
with Stuart Ross , Jay and  other super affiliates at Funky Buddhas
night club Mayfair London, Cheryl Cole’s local lol
If you didn’t see this last week see below an important message from Stu
Have a great weekend
Mark and James





Back in 2007 I was the most stressed I had ever been.I was in debt, I was working 70 hour weeks
and even worse I had no time to do
ANYTHING fun.I felt like I was on a hamster wheel with no way off.Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t think my life
was particularly bad in comparison to other people’s.
The truth is, the majority of my friends and colleagues were in the
same boat.The difference was I seemed to have a BURNING DESIRE
to do something about it.Most of them didn’t – and to be frank.

That is why most of them are still living that life.So here is my question for you.Do you have a BURNING DESIRE?

I’m talking about a burning desire to create a

completely different lifestyle for your family…What I refer to as a “Stress-Free” Internet Lifestyle.You may already have one I don’t know.

However, if like many of my subscribers you

are more than ready for a little more freedom
(financial and time)….
….then you need to watch this video right now before I
take it down.I will warn you though, this isn’t a short video.
For me to share with you what it takes
to create a difference in your life,
I will need you to give me some of your time.So please only bother to watch this video
if you are open to learning something new and
prepared to sit back and learn some
extremely powerful stuff.I’ve never shared this information
before and I won’t be holding back!In fact, I’ll even be taking you to my
private hideout so I can share with
you this NEW business model that
is changing lives.

– Regards,

Stuart Ross

PS. Feel free to shoot me any questions after watching this video.

Have a great Sunday {!firstname_fix}
Mark & James


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