Facebook Marketing Strategy Top Ten Tips

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Facebook Marketing Strategy Top Ten Tips

Facebook marketing Strategy

Facebook has over 500 million users or traffic as we call it in the Internet marketing world, Facebook is the second most visited website on the planet . What this means is that Facebook is an fantastic source of lead generation for your Internet business. Here are some top tips and a simple step-by-step guide you can follow to generate between 5 to 30 leads to your online business every single day. This will depend on your niche, results will vary based on your niche,competition and the commitment to your hard work online.


     Facebook Marketing Strategy Top Ten Tips

  1. You need to open a  Facebook  account then create your personal profile (preferably the new Facebook timeline). You should enter basic information such as what country you come from and where you live now.
  2. What it is you are looking for in business,social life.
  3.  Information about your hobbies and interests that you get involved with, and anything about your activities, beliefs and personal achievements etc. You can provide whatever contact information you are happy showing publicly including your name, address,phone no, websites,other social media platforms you subscribe to etc.
  4. Write a good about you page to put into your info tab this is crucial people will want to know all about you and your life journey .
  5. Always share good quality video’s and reports you find with your friends ,this can help with others sharing your info and you will get seen by a wider audience
  6. Make sure  you create a fun and compelling page
  7. A good profile picture (professional no beer cans or fingers up and no logos) and your real name.
  8. Adding at least 25 friends a day (not all at once)
  9. Keep your wall clean ,don’t allow spam on your wall delete them.
  10. Share things with great value, blog post,video’s,pictures,funny is good.

Facebook Marketing Strategy Top Ten Tips

To  be successful at this Facebook marketing strategy , you will need to get involved in Facebook groups related to your niche. This is how you start making friends quickly using Facebook. To make this work, you really need to understand your  own niche. At the top of the page in your Facebook profile, there is a search box where you can type in  keywords related to your particular niche. A list of tartgeted groups will com up that match your keyword you entered. Your understanding of your niche will allow you to choose  those groups that are highly targeted  to your niche.

When you start getting friend requests from the groups you have joined , make sure your adding between 10 to 30 friends per day. Make sure to space this out to between 2 to 6 friends every 25- 30 minutes. If ever an error message pops up, stop immediately or your account could be banned.:(

when someone accepts your friend request, a key part of your Facebook marketing strategy is to go to one of their pages or groups and leave a related comment (no selling). You might want to leave a video message from yourself remember keep it short 2 mins max and don’t overdo it,this will really  stand out and  get you noticed. Making the right connections with your  new friends is all part of building a relationship quickly .

After you have joined targeted groups, not only can you interact with your friends, but you can also post a status or promote your opportunity  to the group also. It is very important that you post an ad to a group that you have joined on a daily basis. Don’t be greedy, just post a single ad to each group on a daily basis. Your ad should be about providing a solution to a problem that people in the group have. This will provide you a great deal of exposure in the group. Many groups have tens of thousands of members, which can provide you with a lot of exposure fast. As with adding friends, you should also space out posting your ads to groups to about 5 ads every two hours. Again, if you see an error message pop up, stop immediately.

Facebook Marketing Strategy Top Ten Tips

The next stage in your Facebook marketing strategy is to create your own targeted group to your niche and to start posting value posts to it. After you create your group you will want to suggest friends and colleges to join your group. This will give your posts wider exposure. Make sure you tick the box to  allow people to post to your wall, and you should commit to posting at least one status a day as well. A variety of postings and ads with inspiring messages is a good idea too, but you should make sure that all of your messages are relevant and useful to members of  your group.

Once your group is created, then create an event inside your group where you can suggest or invite your friends to attend an event. This can be a personal invitation, for example, attending a live webinar. These invitations will then appear on your friends wall as well. If you already have group members, then you can also send an message via email to  group members and invite them to the event also.

A key part of your Facebook marketing strategy is to also go to your home page wall and see what your friends are up to and talking about, and then leave relevant comments . This is very important as it helps you develop  relationships and make those important connections with your friends. As people get to know you more, they will get to like, trust and know you. Your comments should not be about selling your  opportunity or business, but should be used to allow your friends to get to know you personally.

Here is a snippet from some  private Training about Facebook Marketing Strategy by Stuart ross at the Six Figure Mentors


One of the barriers to implementing your Facebook marketing strategy is that there is a limit of only 5,000 personal friends allowed per profile. However, once you reach this level of friends, you can get around this barrier by creating a fan page. Once you have created a fan page, you can post on it, and even allow others to post on it .This allows you to keep making important connections and relationships.

When posting  comments or statuses in your group pages or by email, try to make them 2 to 4 lines long with content that is of great value to all the group members. Make your posts offer a solution to a problem for your friends. Only post to groups that are relevant to your specific niche,you will find that your biggest exposure will come from  groups with the largest number of people.

This  is common sense, but don’t post the same status over and over again it will work against you. Instead create between 3 to 4 posts and change your posts on a regular basis. If error messages pop up, stop immediately.

By using this Facebook marketing strategy you can generate 5 to 30 leads to your business on a day to day basis. Always remember that Facebook is not about pushing,selling  your business, as much as it is about moulding relationships and making great connections. Remember that if you ignore the pop up error messages or get accused of spamming, Facebook will suspend you or completely shut your account down.

For some more in depth Facebook Marketing Strategy training click the image below for 50 mins of behind closed doors strategies from my mentor Stuart Ross at the six figure mentors.

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