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In the mega month of July, works of the last 11 months are published. Now FlexKom has paved the way to start the ultimate growth with you. Phase 2 will start in July and August 2013 total Europe.

With these product highlights: FlexHoliday FlexCall FlexHotel FlexKobi Map with all Acceptanc Terminal Info’s FlexKobi Navigator FlexMoney Payment FlexMoney Check Start Phase 2: Setting up Customer The first Business Congress that will start the phase 2 will be held on 14 July 2013 in Günzburg / near Ulm in Germany. On this historic day, the unique product highlights are presented to all participants and we celebrated the launch of the App FlexKom together. This day is fully packed with top speakers and unique customer incentives for all participants.

Flexkom reviewMichael Scheibe, CMO of FlexKom Europe, is the host of this historical day. He will guide all Partners and interested parties through the mega program. Asker Sakinmaz, CEO of FlexKom Europe, will present the FlexKom concept with its ultimate sole-proprietary features. Bayo Surakatu, COO of FlexKom International, will present the vision of the World Wide Mega Malls and the Labyrinth System, which in combination with E-Commerce, M-Commerce, Social-Commerce and Geo-Commerce will conquer the world with FlexKom’s own standard, FlexCommerce. Peter Grünewald, CTO of FlexKom International, will present the FlexPOS version 3, which is 100% smartphone capable, with the specially developed QR code generator.

The highlight of the day will be the FlexKom app with the gigantic product tools. Everyone present will recognize that from that day on every person in the world wants to use this app. Ehliz Cengiz, president and founder of the FlexKom Group, will introduce that the FlexKom App will change the world. For the FlexKom App is not just a normal App with which to make money, but the best consumer product to let the partner co-earn for life on all essential-shopping, travel, flights, telephone calls and much more. Give this cost-saving App once to people for everyday purchases and earn forever. Realistic income examples will be shown of what the partners earn and of course what the customer saves in the course of the year when using this app. On this day some customer incentives will be started, maybe the customer can be making free calls for referrals, maybe even free shopping at our acceptance terminals (with referral FlexMoneys). Of course, plenty of unique incentives are waiting for partners which all participants can start from this day. Important: We ask not to come without seat reservation ticket. As this day is COMPLETELY sold out!!

For security reasons, we cannot allow guests in the building without a ticket. For guests from Belgium, Holland and France, we provide synchronous interpretation. Please report your confirmation to your Country Manager only with possession of a ticket. For this purpose you should register your name and your guest’s name, so that we can reserve the headset for you. International Units Since the international expansion of FlexKom is started soon and in the next few days we will be dogging-on our international billing and accounting system, the commission statement will be changed to a points system. These points are converted into the local currency.

The international unit for the conversion will be the €uro. Even with our FlexPOS 3 and our ultimate FlexKom App will be calculated in points while the sales field is paid in points in reference to the compensation plan.

These points will vary by country, as inches, Sales Tax or Logistical Costs must be calculated country-specific. The current Points Table you will see in your new back office, which is released worldwide in the coming days.

Here an example with the Startlicense Fees: JTM costs 399.-€ incl. Sales Tax = 335,29 € Netto = 335,29 Punkte therefore be paid in the compensation plan BTM costs 799.-€ incl. Sales Tax = 671,42 € Netto = 671,41 Punkte GTM costs 1490.-€ incl. Sales Tax = 1252,10 Netto = 1252,10 Punkte E-Biz Kit The E-Biz Kit with the free back office will be raised to 199,-€ Europe-wide, activated with the new back office. Specifically for the new back office an experienced marketing team was hired to develop all marketing tools in PDF format in the next few weeks for partners, customers and merchants. Of course, shortly all training and information from our studio directly from Munich will be available in the new back-office via FlexTV delivered to your comfortable living room. Thus, we place the most important communication onto a solid foundation for a stable

expansion. The annual fee of 149 -€ will be reduced to 99,-€, even for all existing partners and pioneers. Starterset & Customer Cards As announced, with the start of phase 2 all partners Europe-wide will be sent the starter-set and your customer-cards each loaded with the FlexMoney bonuses. In order to secure your customer base before the start of Phase 3.

To do this, go into your back office and check your address and data again, because the delivery will only be made ​​once free of charge to you. Short before shipping your customer cards you will be able to see your customer card numbers in your back office. Here you can track the activation and every purchase of your customers. QR Code Apps With the start of the new homepage of FlexKom, the Start License contents will be adapted to the current state of technology.

Flexkom reviewWIn the Start License QR Code Apps will be available instead of plastic cards. Each partner receives depending on the type of license QR Code Apps that he can give out to their customers. These QR codes are created by our QR Code generator in milliseconds and are unique worldwide. With these QR Code Apps, you can generate partners and of course customers and secure for life. BD (Business Distributor) = 100 personalized QR Code Apps (Value 200.- €) JTM (Junior Team Member) = 300 personalized QR Code Apps (Value 600.- €) BTM (Business Team Member) = 500 personalized QR Code Apps (Value 1000.- €) GTM (Global Team Member) = 1000 personalized QR Code Apps (Value 2000.- €) Important: All existing partners and pioneers can exchange the card-order according to their current position (JTM, BTM or GTM) from the start of Phase 2 in your back-office for QR Code Apps. JTM = 25 plastic cards = 300 QR Code Apps BTM = 50 plastic cards = 500 QR Code Apps GTM = 100 plastic cards = 1000 QR Code Apps This exchange action will start on July 14 and end on July 17! Regional Coordinator For this key-position, which is extremely important for the success of Phase 3, the company management has come up with something special for all new starters from July: For all new starters from June on it is sufficient to achieve the position of the SM in the first 30 days to qualify for this key-position, if available in the registration area.


For all existing partners, is the attainment of the position SD (Sales Director) needed by July 31. (if the region is still available!). The regions for an RC will be increased from 100,000 to 200,000 residents, the commission of 5% (distribution-key) remains. FlexKom Academy Now short before the Start of Phase 3, FlexKom Austria and Germany have available the main training for personal success. Just for this important area one of the most successful coaches for B2B training in Europe was obtained. Rudolf Engelsberger, who has broken every record in B2B and the sales world since 27 years, is now the CLO for FlexKom Academy. Rudi Engelsberger is not among the success-theorists but belongs to the success-practitioners. He will invest his expertise for GTM and Regional Coordinators, so that each partner is more successful. Start Phase 3 On July 27, 2013 Austria is started as the first country in Europe to setup merchant.

The Regional Coordinators from Austria were invited to the first FlexKom Academy in European Headquarters to get the first impression of the content of the Academy. The enthusiasm was great. The countdown has started: July 27 the start of the success Phase 3 in Schladming in Austria is started. Exact dates and tickets for the start will be available July 14 in Günzburg. A day later, East-Germany starts the Phase 3. On these Start-Events , there will be one more time unique incentives available, with which FlexKom will build for the entire FlexKom world top references. All partners from East-Germany were invited on July 6 & July 7 to the first Academy in Dresden. Phase 3 is started for all of Europe in the mega-months of October and November. Exact dates you will receive after July 16 & July 17 from your Country Manager.

We wish you a mega successful start into the Phase 2 !! Your FlexKom Team

For more information on Flexkom watch this video www.flexkomreview.org

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