Happy New Year 2014 (early)

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hey hey

Mark here..

Just wanted to say Happy New YEAR 2014 (early )

i will not get time to email like the gazillion
other marketers trying to sell you shit in
the next few days..

…WHY ?

BECAUSE i’m about to board a plane

and fly through 3 time zones with 3 different

climate temperatures, the first one is 3 degrees

2nd is 12 degrees and the 3rd is 25 degrees 🙂

so have a great new year my friend ..

one thing I promised myself when i finaly
sacked the boss and gave up the 9-5

WAS to make sure i did nothing the goverment
or man (boss) said I had to do ..

like NOT working on MONDAY’S

i love the Monday club..

SO coming back to work after christmas
like the masses have to on the 6th Jan in the Uk

..well it’s not happening

I’m OFF somewhere for a few weeks

How ?

Cus i can and the Internet has given me this

gift ..

and you can do the same …


if you wanna know where I’m going
keep up to date with my Facebook
posts ..

..here https://www.facebook.com/themarkstokes

make sure you friend request me and send me
a message you saw this email.

I get loads of randoms asking me to marry them lol ..

So wish me luck and i will send you some video messages

from my locations over the next few weeks …
if you missed my email earlier…

.. here are my
TOP recommendations for making mon.ey

in 2014 and beyond


don’t get too pissed new years eve

luv ya


………………………….my email earlier …………………………

HI ,

Hope you had a fab Christmas 🙂

if you missed my email earlier here is the hottest opportunities
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Best save this email for future reference and have a browse
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relying on just 1 is risky

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So will 2014 be good for you ?

Have a great Christmas and New year
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very soon..

Mark Stokes
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