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Home Business Reviews For Entrepreneurs

Home Business Reviews

Home Business Reviews

There are thousands of people interested in making money online. The internet is a complete mystery for most of them, while it is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to start a home business .

Some genuine home based  business companies provide the tools,coaching and affiliate commissions’s to be able to earn while you learn for the complete novice. At the same time, so many operators on the internet who try to make prey the desperate individuals who really struggles to make money online. It is difficult, especially for the beginners, to distinguish between a real online business opportunity  and a push button system promising you will make $100,000 in 30 days….??

 Home Business Reviews & Secrets

The secret of making money online is finding a proven converting system that does all the selling, and that pays high commissions . You need to know your target market,find that that group of people who are looking for your product or service and put some hard work in by getting it your sales message in front of them. The success comes only by applying expertise and selling a product or service to that audience.Having the know how and the techniques to internet marketing is key. In this Home business review you will see two business models that are high ticket sales and low ticket sales systems.This is a good business model to have both in your portfolio to appeal to all of your target market.

Here are a couple of home business reviews”  one UK based and one in the US.

Home Business Reviews The Six Figure Mentors UK

Home Business Reviews

Home Business Reviews

Stuart Ross started the Six Figure Mentors. He felt that internet marketing training programs available and mostly the same material was being offered again and again, and it was very difficult for new people to make money online. He wanted to offer something very unique and came up with The Six Figure Mentors Internet marketing university and community.

The SFM system is a complete business in a box with a complete Internet marketing education allowing you to earn while you learn . The Six Figure Mentors offers a 7 Day Free video boot camp for aspiring entrepreneurs  to help get a better understanding of building a profitable online home business.

It does not include any multi-level marketing scheme. It is aimed to teach the basic things to market any product or service effectively on the internet. The Six Figure Mentors provides the necessary resources, tools and training to entrepreneurs to achieve their goals for a home based business giving time and money to help you  live a laptop lifestyle we all dream of.

Here is a behind the curtain look inside the Six Figure Mentors by a founder member and top earner.

Home Business Reviews

The Six Figure Mentors is now become application only to join and to help with giving as much value as possible Stuart Ross has included over  6 hours of training to help people see what to expect when going the company .Click here for an overview

home business reviews

home business reviews


It  includes something really unique ,called the Six-Figure Community ,this has real like minded entrepreneurs to help you in your business. The local members hold  mastermind  meetings, organize training, events, seminars and allows you to interact with the successful people and leaders in the industry.

Some examples of the  Training in the SFM

  • ad placement strategies
  • secret traffic source websites (Stuart Ross calls it veins of gold)
  • the zero to six figure formula
  • email marketing strategies
  • Facebook marketing secrets
  • the importance of a converting back end funnel including conversions
  • Video Marketing traffic secrets
  • article marketing video tutorials

The compensation plan..

 Home Business Reviews

Home Business Reviews

for more information and free training click the banner below.

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Home Business Reviews Empower Network US

home based business reviews

home based business reviews

Empower Network is actually a viral blogging system that was designed based on David Wood’s MLM blog. . The viral blogging system is the key feature of Empower Network. It also offers other products such as Inner Circle Membership, $15k Per Month Formula and Costa Rica Intensive. These products are most suited for marketers to provide the training tips to have direct contact with the creators of Empower and for getting access to recorded webinars.

Empower Network has an affiliate program that permits its affiliates to make money by selling the products created by several marketing gurus. The gurus receive the commissions on their products and the Empower Network affiliate receives the remaining money.

The marketers are interested in buying the Empower Network viral blogging system that provides solutions to them for their major marketing problems. Most entrepreneurs struggle hard to create an effective website. They have to spend a lot of time, effort and money in trying to design the website, register the domain do web hosting and get traffic. After all the efforts, the website fails to get visitors. Empower Network provides a solution to the customers as they can buy a ready to use blog that works to sell the products.

Search Engine Ranking is another important factor to optimize your website to get a flow of visitors by conquering Google! You need to make a search engine friendly website. It is not an easy task. You need expertise, effort and time to achieve it. Empower Network provides the blog that is already optimized for the search engines. The marketers can use this for writing their content and it will get a good ranking on Google..

Here is a back office tour found on YouTube


Home Business Reviews

Home Business Reviews


Empower Network pays up to 100% commissions to its affiliates. An affiliate can earn commissions by selling the products he already owns. He also earns from the sale of a product that he does not own. The commissions are also passed up to the next product owner with the down line structure.

These home business reviews should provide you an idea that you can make money on the internet by following the right techniques and having the right company behind you.

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