How to Make $1,119.95 Online while playing golf & Poker over the weekend

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How to Make Money Online courtesy of PayPal

In this quick post I just had to send you a video ( see below) about my friday game of Golf & Poker weekend. After not doing a lot of marketing online for a couple of days you tend to feel a bit guilty that you are neglecting your online business, and maybe you won’t be making money online due to your lack of focus.Well first of all my Friday started with a delivery from Paypal see video below. I will also show you how I made $1,119.95 in my couple of days not working further down this post ..

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How to Make Money Online while playing golf & Poker

here is an image of the card that was delivered,this is down to having a system that has all the tools to be able to sell products almost fully automated. All you have to do is learn some basic skills of Internet marketing and driving traffic to a system that has a proven conversion for online sales. More on that further down..

how to make money online

how to make money online


How to Make Money Online almost fully automated

Now here you will see while I was playing golf and having a few beers playing poker with the lads over the weekend, how an almost fully automated system is making money online and crediting my PayPal account on a daily basis.By simply applying a few marketing skills I have learn’t over the last few months this is what can be achieved.

The Six Figure Mentors

The Six Figure Mentors

How to Make Money Online the better way

Chances are if you are still reading this blog post you are someone who wants to make money online and maybe looking to work from home.Well by getting this far tells me you are very serious about doing something about it.If you are anything like me I trawled the internet just over 12 months ago looking for a better way to make money other than trading my time for money in a 9-5 existence of a job and be looking forward to a carriage clock presented to me after 45 years of loyal service..not likely!! I just had to find a better way and  that is exactly what I did!!

After a broken marriage of 17 years and then trying to start my own business with a credit card, then taking it to 1 million turnover in 1 year thinking I had made it, and then $200,000 in debt year 2 wtf!!.Having to close the business year 3, then having to sell my house and moving back into my mums back bedroom I shared with my brother 25 years earlier, and being 28 days from bankruptcy,  life could really not of got any worse!.Thats why I turned to the Internet looking for a better way trying to find a business with no staff issues,rent demands, rates to pay,payee wage deadlines,vat demands to find,  and a 70 hour week to boot ;(, and most important of all never having time to spend with my kids.Something had to change quick..

How to Make Money Online with a proven system

In only a few short months my life has changed so much it’s hard too imagine what would I be doing right now if I hadn’t found a system to help me make money online.New house, engaged to be married,and have now positioned myself as a leader inside the six figure mentors community,speaking on stage at the sfm momentum day,holding a master marketing webinar in the sfm  to hundreds of entrepreneurs.James and I my brother and business partner have built a team of like minded entrepreneurs looking to find a better way to make money online.Wow can’t believe it really….

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How to Make Money Online using the same system my Millionaire mentor founded..

Now I want to introduce you too my friend and business partner Stuart Ross who has amassed $1.8 million in just 18 months online.He has now built a duplicated system that is responsible for giving him a laptop lifestyle we all dream of .The Six Figure Mentors system is now application only,the reason for that is Stuart is only looking for action taking entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in life. Go here to meet stuart and see what he has to say about the incredible system that has changed my life forever.Stuart has a vision to help hundreds of people make six figure online with this system.

wishing you all the best for the future and look forward to working with you soon

Mark Stokes

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