Imarketslive Live UK Tour 4th-5th 7th December 2013

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imarketslive uk tour

Imarketslive Live UK Tour


iMarketslive corporate are flying in from  all around the world to host this live event .

Co founder and CEO Mr Christopher Terry will be the main focus of attention.

He has accumalated millions of dollars of wealth over the last 14 years through Forex & Futures,

trading in the currency and stock markets..

He will be presenting his never done before business model Imarketslive ,

showing HOW the merging of 2 of the most powerful…

…industries, Forex trading and Network marketing,

and how he can help change ordinary people’s lives all around the world with this concept

Imarketslive Live UK Tour

why is Christopher Terry visiting the UK ?

IML affiliattes  in the UK are doing such an OUTSTANDING job in growing their business’s,

After seeing video footage of a packed event in Milton Keynes Christopher felt it was essential to not only to show his appreciation but to assist every single affilatte  by staging 3 Live Events in key locations around the UK with one purpose in mind…

…share his vision and help change lives, by learning to trade  in the forex  markets, and of course earn while you learn by sharing the vision with others ,

and get paid for it..

To see the video footage he saw click here 

Imarketslive Live UK Tour 4th-5th 7th December 2013

I was privaliged to witnessed such an events in Las Vegas in September this year, and when prospective affiliates meet the main man Christopher Terry known as MR BIGGY  and hear his story and vison,  they cannot help but want to get involved in iMarketslive.

So here’s what’s going to happen….and what to expect at the events

This will be a rare opportunity for you to bring as many guests to the venue of your choice and allow Christopher Terry and his team to inform and incentives  all into joining this phenomenal business.

UK Live Event Incentives

If Mr Christopher Terry is not enough to excite your you and your guests into joining the vision,

then the package of incentives being given away to you and  your prospects will be  every reason to join at the event..

…so all you have to do is get them there……fly…bus…walk….anyway you can think of but please understand that these incentives are only available at the events and will not be available after.

What you should do next
1.  get registered now.Each event has maximum capacity, we have secured the largest seating room available . Once the venue is at capacity then no more bookings will be allowed.
Event ticket Prices:
Imarketslive existing Members – £25.00 and will include up to 4 guests for free (Please ensure that your Guests are serious prospects and not your spouse or just friends)


WEDNESDAY 4th December starts 6.30pm   Thursday 5th starts 6.30pm            Saturday Dec 7th starts 11am till 2pm

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Should an existing affiliate require more than 4 guest tickets – please contact me to arrange more.

2.If you are a member of imarketslive already Talk to your entire team  and arrange marketing within your own area or around the event itself.

There is traditional methods such as newspapers or consider Facebook and Google PPC. Think about getting together and forming co-operatives to contribute to marketing as a group and then organize transport to bring your prospects to the event.



Too learn more about Imarketslive go here I have a very important message i did for you while i was in Las Vegas

see ya there


Christopher Terry CEO

Christopher Terry CEO

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