iMarketslive Review and Founder Member Bonus

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IMarketslive Review and Founder Member Bonus

Basic info                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1) The imarketslive (iML) core business is trading forex (foreign currency exchange)
2) There are 3 main products for a one of purchase price of $1500
a) signal service
b) live trading room
c) education
You also get a ticket to the las vegas convention in september for the official launch
Also the first two months fee of $247 is included  free
Aswell as a few other things
3) signal service –  in here we will only mention the signal service as that allows 2 minutes work a day
4) We open a forex trading account with a normal broker in our own country. We then attach our iML account with our trading account. When the expert forex traders buy, they send a signal to us to automatically buy. When they sell they send a signal to us to automatically sell. So effectively we are leveraging the expertise of the master traders for very little time i.e 2 mins a day to turn the signal on.
5) The commissions on your referrals is completely separate to the trading. For every personal referral you receive a  one-off bonus of $400 within 2 weeks.
6) The programme has a forced 3×8 matrix and for each member. You (currently) receive 8% (~$20) of their monthly $247 every month.
•Level 1 you can only have 3 direct levels = 3 x $20 = $60 monthly residual
•Level 2 =  (3×3) = 9 + 3 from Lv1 = 12 x $20 = $240 monthly residual
•Level 3 =  (3x3x3) = 27 + 12 from Lv1&2= 39 x $20 = $780 monthly residual
•Level 4 =  (3x3x3x3) = 81 + 39 from Lv1&2&3= 120 x $20 = $2400 monthly residual
This continues 8 levels deep. Level 4 on commissions is sufficient to take over a day job, not to mention the money made on the actual forex.
7) to qualify to receive the monthly residuals up to level 4, you must personally sponsor at least 2 people
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