List Building Secrets

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List Building Secrets


Having lots of conversations of late with new start up Internet Marketers wanting to build their business fast, have been struggling to build a list of people through their marketing efforts,so I thought I would share with you some list building secrets essential to your  online success…

First of all you need to understand the process of list building from starting with finding the traffic (targeted traffic suited to the product or service you are selling) this is called veins of gold to getting the optin and then converting to a sale.If you are digging for gold and find a small vein then thats where you stay and target that, until you strike gold. This is exactly what is required for list building . Too many marketers out there don’t know their ideal customer or profile of customer, so expecting to find these groups of people will be impossible.

When List building:

Think clearly about WHO you want to target like age,gender,job,earnings,likes,dislikes are all things needed to be able to narrow down a profile of your ideal customer. so you can start looking were to find that person.This is key to great conversion and less effort time and money to build your list fast.Let now share the process from finding traffic to getting an optin to your autoresponder.

See below a video example of my funded proposal in action called the Internet Laptop Lifestyle.Here you will see how I get over 80 optin in less than 24 hours.If you can master building a list on a day to day basis like this then you will be able to give up the day job
sack the boss live anywhere and live the Internet laptop Lifestyle we all deserve.



Find targeted traffic for your list building.

  • Ezines (online magazines)
  • classified adds(,friday ads,
  • Facebook advertising (very targeted traffic)
  • E mailing lists (buyers lists recommended,people who have previously bought from that list)
  • banner ads on targeted  websites pay per click only
  • forums

pay per click advertising,Google,Yahoo,Bing,7 search,msn.

Ok now once you find these targeted people ,then it is very important to send that traffic to a landing page not a sales page.I see it time and time again with new or failing marketers they send their traffic to a sales page, and this just does not work.

The conversion from a click on your landing page to an optin should be around 20-25% for a good written landing page.If you offer a free report or  free video series giving great value about the topic in question you will get great results for you landing page and optins to your auto responder will come flooding in.If you send your optins to the thank you page with a product on it to sell with very high value but at low cost you will find this will convert much better than sending them the offer in a email a day later.When offering a high value product at a low cost at this stage is called a funded proposal this helps to pay for your advertising costs and you will be able to do your list building for free.

For some more list building secrets GO HERE

I hope you got some inspiration from this information and video.. if you would like to get your hands on a free profit strategy report

written by my mentor Stuart Ross, showing you how he made it possible to make $1.8 million in 18 months online and it was all down to targeting his WHO customer and being able to get traction with his list building


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