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My Journey To Online Success

After leaving school in 1983 with the vision of being a top class chef, I went to catering school, qualified for all my city and guilds 706-1-2, worked at most of the top hotels in Leicestershire, Holiday Inn, Rothley Court, Moat House Hotel worked my way up to chef de Partie , but realised at the age of 20 working 50+ hours a week, split shifts 7am till 2pm, then coming back at 6pm till 10pm, that life of trading an hour of my time for a pound or dollar was not the life for me.

I then decided to enter the direct sales arena selling fitted luxury kitchens in London.This was a turning point in my life for the next 20 years I went from rookie salesman winning top awards in the industry to one of the most respected direct sales senior regional managers in the UK. I was the first salesman in the history of direct sales UK to sell 1 million pounds worth of products in a calendar year net of vat single handedly.The prize was a suitcase of cash,gold Rolex watch and a brand new XK Jaguar car to drive for a year.I was then promoted to Sales manager winning all the awards available then going on to be senior regional manager for a top blue chip company in the Uk.After 5 years of corporate bullshit and again clocking in, clocking out, tied to a desk this was not what I wanted.After waking up one morning I decided to leave a £150,000 job to start my own business and become an real Entrepreneur.I then set up an offline home Improvement business taking it from scratch to 1 million turnover within 12 months.I then discovered the power of the internet and that’s when my journey into the online business world started…..

In the summer of 2007, my brother James and I attended an internet business clinic run by the Internet marketing centre, responsible for the stupendous success of the famous Internet Marketeer, Frank Kern who holds the record for making $18,million in a 24 hour period. (Not a bad record) That course was the defining moment for us in the last ten years. At the time, James and I were hands on and deep in the trenches running a traditional offline business in the home improvement industry working morning noon and night, we were very successful as far as “normal life” goes and the average small business owner, until you compare your life to the life of a successful internet marketer, where all the rules of time and money go out the window.
In only a few short years we have been able to hand over the reigns of the home improvement business and continued to grow not only our internet businesses beyond our wildest dreams, but help many other ordinary people get started online and making money working from home. Click on video’s on the side bar to hear more about my vision.


Here’s me being awarded the runners up position of the prestigious world practitioner of the year 2008 at the Phenomenon in Florida. Me & James my brother, business partner qualified to reach the final 4 practitioners out of over 800 entries and were asked to give a 15 minute presentation on how they transformed their business from a standing start to a turnover in excess of 1 million pounds in a 12 month period. Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazier founders of the Phenomenon and known as the millionaire makers and professors of harsh reality presented Mark with a trophy along with the prize of a chapter of his his own in the next issue of the Phenomenon book.


For those who do not yet know Dan, I highly recommend your seek him out.We will send you a copy of the book for free just leave a comment below with your email and we will get in contact to arrange delivery.
Since James and I discovered the freedom and money of an internet lifestyle we have been obsessed with learning from the best internet marketers in the world .we have travelled the globe and spent thousands of dollars to rub shoulders with the likes of Dan Kennedy known as the Millionaire maker he has studied the top millionaires in the world to find what the commonalities are to unique, unfound entrepreneurial success.

Dan has been a massive inspiration in our lives and has given us the underground secrets to transform our business with such speed we are still catching breath.One of the key elements to online success is to be able to connect with your audience in print, this area there is no man on the planet that comes near to the great Dan Kennedy.We will teach you some of his goldmine strategies on our academy.The likes of Dan and Tony Robbins have discovered the quickest way to master something and become an expert in your field is to copy and model the best in that market, and that is just what James and I have done and will keep on doing so to be able to enjoy our amazing internet lifestyle and give great value back to our academy associates.

The next big influence to James and I is a man called Chris Cardell he has taken the world by storm with his internet marketing techniques and strategies.His knowledge and insight to pay per click advertising and list building are quite breathtaking when you hear his strategy.

mark stokes He is such a master of google ad words they even gave him his own rep. We have been VIP members of Chris’s inner circle Entrepreneurs for over 5 years and has been one of the best investments we have made to get to understand what works in the internet world. He is an expert at creating a relationship with his list and giving great value to ensure their return on investment is far greater than his. This is a principle James and I are always working towards with our material and training techniques for our academy. Here is a picture of me with Chris at the Renegade Millionaire summit in London 2010. We have implemented some of the cutting edge techniques from the summit into the academy training.


My  vision now is to help others to escape the drudgery of work life and selling an hour of their time for a dollar or a pound. An internet lifestyle is something everybody should have a chance to discover and experience.  I  now am able to spend time with my family and live a life we all deserve.I have built 5 online business’s providing multiple streams of income along with my existing off line Home Improvement business,this I have now handed over to a family member to run for me.The future for anyone thinking of starting an online business or looking to work from home has never had a better opportunity than today. I look forward to working with you and sharing my passion to create
an internet lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams.

Success is a man who wakes up in the morning, goes to bed at night and does whatever he wants in between!

Wishing you every success

Mark 🙂

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