“Million Dollar A Year Plan for MAPS” (the next biggest opportunity online)

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Million Dollar A Year Plan” for MAPS the next biggest opportunity online

and no this is NOT a scam ..!

I have had many dealings with the owner Mike Deese and is a man

that has been in the trenches like most of us and knows what is
required to make a company succeed online..

he has built Myadvertisingpays for the people ..

so are you ready ?

 Are you serious about making a MILLION DOLLARS a year
or more with My Advertising Pays?
Then its time to get SERIOUS!
register here first (for free)

It’s a simple 3 step process.

Step One

First Set a GOAL to Make a MILLION Dollars a year! Without a goal or a plan how are you going to get anywhere?

Write it down! See the VISION of you achieving this, inspiring others to be better, believe in bigger & focus on this many times DAILY. FEEL it, what will you do with your money? Where would you live? What car would you drive? where would you go on Holiday? How many times a year? CREATE your Vision, see it, believe it & take MASSIVE ACTION.

Step Two

BUY as many ad packs as you can! And be sure to COMPOUND Your Daily Earnings. Set your site to AUTO REPURCHASE in the members area.

Einstein said the most powerful way to make money ever is with COMPOUNDING! So with your PROFITS YOU SHOULD BE SURE TO COMPOUND YOUR EARNINGS DAILY!

If you double a penny every day for 30 days this would be a MILLION in earnings!

Each ad pack will earn you approx 2% daily & each ad pack cost you $49,99.

So if you buy 1 ad pack ($49,99) that will earn you approx $1 per day for 60 days, not exactly exciting is it! Not exactly what a MILLIONAIRE would do is it?


So, now lets say you purchased 20 ad packs ($1000) that would earn you approx $20 DAILY, or $600 MONTHLY. Now that’s more like it & this is the MINIMUM that I recommend anyone to start with, if your SERIOUS about making a MILLION or more with MAPS (in your first year)

However, its still not going to make you a MILLIONAIRE.

100 Ad packs will cost you $5000 & earn you approx $100 daily or $3,000 MONTHLY.

200 Ad packs will cost you $10,000 & Earn you approx $200 daily or $6,000 MONTHLY.

Your GOAL should be to reach the maximum purchases that are allowed with MAPS, at the time of writing this, thats 1200 ad packs. Which will earn you approx $1200 DAILY or $36,000 MONTHLY WITHOUT ANY SPONSORING. Thats $438,000 Per YEAR!

If your short on funds you can EARN your way there!

Each time you refer a member who makes an ad purchase you make 10% commissions on there purchase. You don’t just get this once you get this EVERY TIME they purchase, you get this DAILY & for LIFE.

Just 20 members buying 20 ad packs daily earns you $2000 DAILY.

Or 200 members buying 2 ad packs daily earns you the SAME!

Yes you heard that right just 200 members buying 2 ad packs daily = $2000 DAILY INCOME

100 members buying buying 2 ads packs daily is still $1000 DAILY INCOME.

my friend and mentor has  has already sponsored over 900 members in his first 7 weeks (Part-Time)

Add that to your 1200 ad packs that you can purchase yourself & you have another $1200 DAILY

That’s a DAILY Income of $3200 = or an annual income of just shy of $1.2 MILLION Dollars.

Step Three

Recruit & Sponsor Like CRAZY!

Remember you EARN 10% on all your First Level Members for LIFE!

Just 20 members buying 20 ad packs daily earns you $2000 DAILY.

20 ad packs is $1000, so 20 x $1000 = $20,000 & you earn 10% which is $2000

Or 200 members buying 2 ad packs daily earns you the SAME!

200 members buying just 2 ad packs ($100) daily = $20,000 in sales 10% Commission is $2,000

This will earn you 10% on overrides which is $2,000 DAILY. Now this might seem a lot however its NOT! Remember we are working towards becoming a MILLION DOLLAR A YEAR EARNER in MAPS, & that FIRST Requires you & your teams to THINK BIG! HUGE! MASSIVE! Think & ACT LIKE A MILLIONAIRE.

20 members to purchasing $1000 every day & your there! Or 200 members purchasing just 2 new ad packs daily & your there! Even if you do just half that your almost there. Now, I have seen and done this before, almost ALL your members will COMPOUND there earnings daily to reach this. So how fast you do this is really up to YOU & YOUR TEAM.

Remember this though, your members will tend to do what you’ve done. I Personally have built HUGE Incomes & Teams by FIRST THINKING Like a MILLIONAIRE, then ACTING LIKE A MILLIONAIRE & then FINALLY I WILL ACHIEVE MILLIONAIRE STATUS


Don’t get sidetracked, don’t listen to the negatives!

Purchase, Compound & PROMOTE!

Let’s Go …



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