Royal Wedding Day

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Congratulations to William and Kate on their Royal wedding Day. Its a extra bank holiday for everyone to enjoy the great british heritage we all are very proud of, a day of great significance as William is 2nd in line from the throne. The next King of England after Prince Charles.



Expect 2 Billion people to watch worldwide.
10,000 Media people and 200 cameras in all
languages for global coverage.

They say his inner circle of friends will never
speak about them, complete trust. They holiday
together and spend time at the royals homes.
William confides in them.

Union Jack flags flood the roadsides. A sea of
people that have flown in from all over the world.

Queen Victoria memorial(a century old) in front
of the beautiful Buckingham Palace.

They met on their gap year traveling then went
to St Andrew University where love flourished

Strong stable support family network with
family always having Sunday lunch together.

1000 people invited to the Abbey

David Beckham OBE and Posh Spice look
stunning as always.

Elton John is still ROCKING it
John Major was a blast from the past
No sign of Mandella or Obama??

Apparently Mugabe’s right hand man is
here!!!! Isn’t that interesting….

Talk of how long the Monarchy can survive
in modern times. They used to run the
countries, now they are more puppets

The horses look absolutely bred for

Wow, its 10,11, William in Red and Harry
(best man) both in Uniform.
look absolutely gorgeous in the back of the
Bentley…..I’m thinking Dianna would have been
the proudest of all mothers.

10.18 and they pull up at the Abbey
You can just see they have been groomed for
this, they ooz charisma… imagine,
You are the younger brother of the future
KING of England, wow.



Sultan of Brunai, one of the wealthiest people
in the world just walked in.

King of Tonga with his pimp walking stick….
Prince albert of Monaco
Serbian Royal family

Brides Mother and brother arrive in a Jaguar.

Royals of Denmark… netherlands… norway etc

Dukes and Duchesses arrive in Vans…..

I remember I just turned 12 when Prince Charles
and Lady Diana married in St Pauls Cathedral.

Princess Beatrice,22(first FEMALE and 5th in
line to the throne and Princess Eugini,21 the
cousins arrive.

The royals have ages so much from my
memories, gracefully ofcourse. Their children
are now filling the gaps….. 30 years on.

Father Prince Charles aging really well and
wife Camilla his true love arrive in a 1950
Phantom 4.

21,000 letters and cards of congratulations

Queen in Yellow…… in new Bentley same as
williams Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh,
will be 90, celebrated
their 63rd anniversary and he looks absolutely
fantastic for his age.

Wow, the trumpets and music all kicks in, a
grand entrance fit for a Queen.

Vivien Westwood, Jasper Conran main
designers. Lots of Philip Lacey hats

Father Middleton and Kate(29) get into the car,
a glimpse of the dress, veil and trail being put into
the car….. subtle, understated, yet beautiful.
Stunning, no neck piece, nice earrings.
Simple but effective and sexy
with lace shoulders and arms and a tiara, the
perfect princess

11.04 a little behind…. here she goes walking
down the red carpeted isle bride steals the day,
rightly so.

Fairy tale music up and choir voices fill the room,
her trail is stunning as is she. pages and brides
maids follow her long trail.
A proud father walks her to the chapel with grace.

Harry looks over his shoulder to catcha  glimps
and whispers to his brother something that made
him smile as he said it

William has a huge grin on his face as she steps
up beside him and he sees her for the 1st time

“Dearly beloved, we are gather here today…….”
and so the ceremony begins at 11.13am.

William struggles to get the ring on her finger
and then unusually he does not wear a ring!!!!

Who were the 2 nuns sat next to william and kate in

the cathedral?

celebrate this great historic day with pride to be british with a Bottle of Champagne,  celebrate the street party’s or maybe go to the local pub for some drinks & barbecue !

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Royal Wedding 2011

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