SEO blogging Top Tips that will get your blogs churning out cash like a cash machine

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SEO Blogging Top Tips



 learning to start bloggig for a living it is also very important to learn the skill of on site SEO.This is a strategy to optimise your content of your blog to allow the search engines to rank your content and put it in front of your chosen  keyword audience.

One of the biggest mistakes and misconceptions with blogging people think they can just write content publish it to the internet and they will get traffic… no no no . If you do not know the secrets to keyword research and “SEO blogging” startegies  then your content is likely to be a desert island with no way of finding it in a boat.

In this blog I am going to give you a few onsite SEO blogging tips on how you can optimize your content and get it out there onto the internet in lightning speed, and floods of traffic coming to your site asking for more .

SEO Blogging Top Tips

These SEO Blogging tips are here to help get your content out onto the internet
in lightning speed.See below some resources recommended to help your blogging
make you some cash over the next few months and years to come.

One of the most important things is to write original content, not copy and pasted from other sites.The search engines have algorithms to spot this from a mile and your content would be sand boxed and never been seen again.

First thing to do is start by doing some keyword research using the free Google keyword tool. look for long tail keywords 4 words or more, low competition with a minimum of 1000 searches per month.Also it must be remembered there are 20% of the searches daily that have never been searched before.

Once you start writing i would recommend you use the SEO pressor plugin tool this will guide you and score your on site SEO blogging quality score, and let you know if you have missed out any of the key SEO algorithms the search engines look for.The first thing to do is use your keyword in the title of your blog securing the permalink first by saving as a draft in your wordpress. You can then add onto the end of the title to give it a bit more of a call to action.

See below some team training explaining SEO Blogging top tips

SEO Blogging Top Ten Tips

  • (Title) secure the permalink keyword then change later to a more compelling headline
  • H1 tag required (large bold letters)
  • H2 tag required ( use 2-3 times in your content)
  • italics (use in on sentence or paragraph with the keyword in)
  • Quotation marks (around your keyword)
  • bold (your keyword)
  • underline (your keyword)
  • Image in content
  • caption in image (name your image file and caption title your keyword)
  • Keyword in the first paragraph and last paragraph
  • keyword once every 100 words 2% density
  • call to action very clear at the end of your blog

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SEO Blogging Top Tips

once your content has been finished and has an SEO score of 85% or more you are ready to start publishing and syndicating to the net.find below some free and paid tools you can use to get your content out there and forming what is known as back links in the internet world.These are one of the most important algorithms the search engines look for .To try to explainn what back links are image your content as that desert island we tales about earlier a back link is having a bridge built across from the mainland to your island and thousands of people has access to your island.This is something the search engines love and your content will have a great chance of going viral and getting foods of people wanting to buy your products.

SEO Blogging Resources  [social media sydication]  [notifies the search engines about new content]  [social media syndication]  [social sharing tool] seopressor  [onsite SEO plugin]

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Mark Stokes

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