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 Six Figure Mentors Momentum day in London. 

I have got to say what a fantastic day it was to meet everyone from the community at the Six figure mentors momentum day in London this weekend.The training Stuart Ross and Daniel Wagner gave was true value to all in the room and their advice was to give true value to your list was testament to them, and as always they  over delivered in true style.Below you will discover the training these guys deliver to thier members on a daily basis.


It is a know fact 95% of internet marketing newbies fail to make money online and give up within 6 -12 months but having a proven mentor with all the tools to succeed online should ensure almost certain success to making money online.Here is some more training from stuart Ross.Having a burning desire to be free from working for the man and breaking free from that day job everyone  aspire to give has never been so easy in the history of the world,now is the time to take action and just do it! see more from Stuart below.

Here are some of the key Tips The Six Figure Mentors explain how to monetiz your list and having a sustainable business online.

We can assure you that the BULK of money you will be making from your subscribers and customers will be from follow up communication over time… we have subscribers on our list who buy our products or services after being on our list for 2 years or more…

You don’t need a huge list to make big money! In fact some of our friends have small lists but these are buyers of big ticket products! You do the maths! It’s better to have 1,000 buyers on your  list who buy $3,000 products and 100,000 freebie seekers and tyre kickers! So it’s quality over quantity every time.We have put together a simple ‘List Building Formula’ which you can copy:

1. Find Something Of Value To Give Away That Helps Your Market

2. Offer It For Free In Exchange For Their Name And Email Address

3. Rinse And Repeat


  Ultimate List Building success Formula 



 Even if you manage to get people on your list giving away a free report or video series or software (most never get that far) – most don’t buy what you got to offer. Let us be more precise here. Most people don’t have a good offer anyway, they don’t know how to present it and – most importantly – don’t follow up. You might have heard different statistics how many times you have to contact people before they buy and all that.

Let’s be clear. Only 2 or 3% of people buy when you talk to them the first time. So 97% are on your list and if you don’t follow up (  thirty times at least!) you leave money on the table. The money is in the list, but you got to get it out of your list into your pocket! Thirty times? You might be thinking that’s crazy, but let us enlighten you to the fact that not every email you send will be opened, not every email that is opened will be read, and even if they read it, they might not click on the link… and even if they make it to your page, most won’t buy!

This is just a taster of the content and training the SIx Figure Mentors has to offer.One of the key ingredients to fast success online is to have a Experienced Mentor with the ability to give ongoing cutting edge training.With the speed of technology and the internet changing its software and strategies on a weekly,monthly basis, without the cutting edge training this is a sure way to fail online.Click the banner below to learn more about the Six Figure Mentors or just give  me a call for more inside information +44 7711180000.Look forward to your call…:)





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