Smart Goal Setting- how to follow through and persist with your goals

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Smart Goal Setting


As the year closes in and the new year is upon us, we have to be absolutely committed to having the insight and awareness about where our energy and time goes,and the progress we Are or are Not making .

We have to be accountable to ourselves and be clear on our goal setting for the new year ahead..

When setting smart goals for the new year ahead, make sure you get some leverage for when the time comes and you weaken your focus or will power, there is no way back and make sure your focus is laser targeted to achieve your intended destination..


below is a must see video sequence from Tony Robbins talking about how to follow through and persist with your goals! Its not all about change it’s about progress!!


to be continued in below video…

there are some questions that you need to ask yourself first.

You really should think about these questions and make some changes in your life if you are not happy with the answers.

Smart Goal Setting What am I most Proud of Achieving this Year?

  1. What is stopping Me mentally right now from being My Best at all times?
  2. What  Results Have I achieved this Year? (be specific)
  3. Am I fitter and healthier, wealthier,wiser and more Successful? (what actions did i take to get these result?)
  4. Am i standing still?, Losing ground, or Just existing in my life?
  5. What Results am I committed to Achieve by the End of the Year? and next year? Write down in a journal.
  6. What have I Learned this year? and what have a achieved this year
  7. Who has helped me most this year and been my inspiration to get me closer to my goals?
  8. Is there any Unfinished Business that Needs to be addressed  in my Life?
  9. What  vices or addictions do I need to Change to Ensure much much Better Results than before?
  10. What is the Key problem that restricts my ability to Perform at My ultimate Best?
  11. am I willing to do things Differently that will change my Life and bank balance?
  12. If I knew that things in my life were going to be perfect and I had financial freedom—What Would I do Differently?

Smart Goal Setting

to be continued in below video…

Another important thing about smart goal setting is to not make them too far away until you have achieved them
take small steps and measure your progress on a day to day and month to month basis small victory’s fuels you to push forward to a greater  a achievement.Get into the habit of writing them down and crossing them off your list as you achieve them.

see below video 3 from Tony Robbins talking about raising your standard and the secret to get results

to be continued in below video…

Creating results in life is having a standard then having a ritual thats starts your daily routine,break your ritual to your vices,
look at your  routine in your life and change your ritual to new one’s that fit with your smart goals..

Smart Goal Setting

If you are in Internet Marketing having a set ritual of thing to do the first time you open your laptop is key to your success online.Prepare for your day have a morning ritual for anything you do before you start your day is a must,if you want to raise your standard you have to step up.Now don’t let last year be like last year.Write down what you want to change and the truth were you are and the next step is what rituals are keeping you there?  and then see below from Tony Robbins setting some tasks for you


wishing you success in your smart Goal setting






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