September 16, 2014

Network Marketing Companies Flexkom Launches in the UK

Flexkom Launches in the UK

Flexkom digital entrepreneurWell Flexkom comes to the UK at last.

I have been waiting for this day for over 2 years after watching the growth of Flexkom in Turkey (test country),

The Flexkom business model is about Launching a Digital loyalty card system into the small business arena,giving shop owners a chance to make revenue from their customers shopping online.

As an affiliate  of Flexkom you will recieve a daily commission from all sales from your shop owners with the loyalty cards for life ..This also includes health clubs,casinos,golf clubs,hotels etc as long as you have secured a global licence and achieved Sales Manager position..more explained here

see image below from the meeting I attended  Saturday 12th Jan 2013 at the Park Inn Junc 1 of the M5 .

there was 90 people expected to turn up but over 200 arrived..
hence people standing up ..

If you haven’t heard of Flexkom you will very soon.

Flexkom home business franchisees are currently laying the foundations for their networks across the UK and Europe.

Do you want to own your own Home business franchise?

Flexkom may be perfect for you!

If you have experience in direct sales, marketing or business to business contact me  Mark 07711180000.

Flexkom Meeting Notes

After a fantastic and packed presentation in The West Midlands, Flexkom launch into the UK .

This was one quote from the Flexkom meeting room..

Flexkom CEO Asker & Mark Stokes

Flexkom CEO Asker & Mark Stokes

Flexkom Meeting was taken by the Company CEO Asker Sakinmas

” Yesterday’s presentation of Flexkom to a room that was packed, no seating left and every inch of wall and stand space available used up. Incredible ,and a presentation by Asker that was as profession and as good as I have ever seen at these type of meetings.

My brother James and I looked at each other at one point  and we came to the same conclusion how happy we were that we were going to be a part of this amazing business model.

The vision and use of the new technologies of this company were breathtaking.

I can’t wait for this to get started.

I have a feeling Flexkom is going to be one of the most exciting profitable business’s in my life.


network marketing companies flexkom

 Network Marketing Companies Flexkom Launches in the UK

Here is a quick video showing the trend and future of the mobile ecomomy.

Network Marketing Companies Flexkom Launches in the UK


Watch this video

Ian Driscol head of the UK launch explains more on this webinar..

here is a webinar that explains the Flexcom business model 

Compensation plan below …

Flexkom compensation plan

Network Marketing Companies Flexkom Launches in the UK

Notes from the meeting

Askim CEO speaking born in turkey

Background engineering and marketing

millionaire at 23 years old

20 years experience in network marketing

The mobile revolution for the shop and their customers  is here

Flexkom Started aug 2010

Test market in turkey
Did not want to lose credibility in Germany and Europe if it flopped

made mistakes now improved systems

Flexkom have their computer Own programmers

the Turkey launch achieved 40 global members in 16 months

next countries to roll out

Stutgett in Germany

Uk offices coming SOON

4 phases launch  in Europe

Goal 5 years 50 countries  500 million customers

we can Open a country in 6 weeks
Voted fastest growing company in Europe 2011

Fundementle buying behaviour

Local shop relationship
Supper market
Shopping centre
E commerce
Search – future products will find you

Shopping will go mobile within 2-3 years
NFC communication.  Near fied communication

Home based franchise
Turn key home based business model is what people are looking for

Endf system

1. E commerce
2. Network
3. Direct selling
4. Shop

Merge of local shop to e commerce

Shop do not like ecommerce ,

they set up website paid money , got nothing from it …cannot enter ecommerce

Flexkom will build bridge to e commerce or they will die

Loyalty cards system

3 million cards in turkey

20 million cards in uk goal

Data bases of shops for customers to spend in so shop owner gains
Shops in a network will get customers to your shops

6 shops signed up per person

Local area global team members required

You plus 6 team members plus 5 shops x1000 cards  =30,000 customers


Clubs / fitness  studio/sun studio/hotel concepts

8 footballs clubs signed up already


Test business,s

Flex pad for the shop owner

Builds customer profile like Facebook does

50 cards with 20 euros on cards
limited global licence must get in now before too late

flexkom uk

Network Marketing Companies Flexkom works like this ?

Network marketing is a form of marketing in which a company sells its products through independent distributors as intermediaries to the final customer.
At FlexNetwork no products are purchased or resold but only Acceptance-Point-of-Sale Merchants and FlexKom card customers are acquired.
How does it work?
You recommend FlexKom to marketing partners, retailers and customers. These join FlexKom and they do as always, consume and enjoy the immediate benefits of FlexKom.

Benefits of FlexNetwork
The coordinator receives an excellent franchise system, with which he can achieve financial independence (if he so chooses).
The merchant receives a unique marketing tool and the customer enjoys from now on with every purchase enormous benefits.

Direct sales experience ? Looking to secure a licence in your area call Mark 07711180000

watch this webinar before calling


all the Best

Mark Stokes

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