April 24, 2017

High Ticket Commissions Working Online Is the Key to Living a Digital Life

Hey , It’s been a while since i did a blog post … so i thought i would say hi and let you know i’m still dreaming big and living the digital life we all deserve.. here is my postcard Video message   automated business system is here 

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In this exclusive video series delivered to your inbox over the next 7 days, you will discover how YOU can start earning high ticket commissions from the comfort of your home… Part time with no technical skills, previous experience or personal selling required…

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$30k in commissions with The Six Figure mentors & Digital Experts Academy

$30k in commissions milestone hit with SFM/DEA

If your on my list and looking to make money online ?

then I wanted to share a special milestone with you!

I have just reach 30k in commissions with the SFM system

in only 6 months !!

click on image to enlarge

the six figure mentors


this has been achieved by using a proven converting

sales offer ,with an automated system,that sends

out emails to your prospects on autopilot..

The Six Figure Mentors is the front end marketing arm

to help get the message across to your prospects,

that if they want freedom and be able to work from home

or from a laptop.They then need to get an education through

the Digital Experts Academy known as the DEA…

$30k in commissions milestone hit with SFM/DEA

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Having sales coming in on autopilot is a very special feeling

knowing what ever you are doing you are making money

even in your sleep…

to apply for some free training and a skype consultation with me

fill out an application here 

here is an overview of what to expect once you get inside the

back office to The Six Figure Mentors area..

After perfecting this business system we are now accepting a limited number of “partners” to leverage our
marketing systems, tools, technology, private community and industry leading product lines…

How would your life change if you could increase your income 20, 30, or even 50% in the next 3-6 months?

here is a message from founder and Internet Millionaire Stuart Ross

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 learn how YOU could partner with two of the world’s most successful digital marketers, get to use an exact  cutting edge model of their  “Business System”

The Six Figure Mentors

see you on the inside

Mark Stokes

Founder elite & Platinum member


Wow That’s what i call a room with a view !


Mark Here,

I have just woken to an amazing view here

in the Cananaries …:)

As i sit here on my balconey watching the sun rise

i feel so relieved  that 2 years ago I took the decision

to start a digital life and build a business online.

This whole trip has been paid for with the money I have

made digitaly (not sure if that a word lol)

It’s just the little things that get me now

being able to say yes to your kids in the airport

when thay say dad can i have this, and not having to say

no and be worrying about money all the time..

I remeber not to long ago I had to pretend I was not

hungry at the airport so my kids could have a bite to eat

at the airport 🙁

anyway I wanted to share my morning view with you all

because i feel so gratful to the power of having a digital life

and being able to sit here on my laptop conected to the

wifi conecting with the YOU

and making money on almost autopilot while enjoying

internet lifestyle in the sun.

off now for a morning run on the beach

with my son Thomas


Mark Stokes

“The 9-5 Escapist”

P.S I want to help teach you the

digital skills to escape the 9-5

and live a life of freedom

get ann application to join my team and work

with me and Stuart.

This is the exact system that allowed me to escape the 9-5

just over 12 months ago..

if you have not seen the new digital bootcamp

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Learn the Key Strategies to making $50k in less than a month while drinking beer and playing games with the kids

What are the Key Strategies to making $50k in less than a month ?

Chances are you here because like me you want to, or are making money online?

well in this post I want to show you what the most Important strategies are required

to making $50,000 in less than 4 weeks working from home, in a quite month of December

while drinking beer and playing games with the kids lol.

You will also see in the video below 2 of the most exciting
and profitable business’s on the internet today..

make sure you watch it all as you may miss it 🙂

did you guess what the strategies are ?

well I’m sure you did..

leave me a comment below and let me know what you think?

to work with me and learn the digital skills required to succeed in the digital economy

go here http://sfmeliteapplication.info

or request a call back from me here http://www.mark-stokes.com/category/call-back-request

here is to your new year

Mark Stokes

mark stokes

Mark Stokes


Best Home Based Business UK


best home based business

best home based business

If you are searching for a way to make money on the internet, you may be wondering which is the best home based business for you. Or perhaps you have been involved in online marketing but haven’t had any success. So whether you are just getting started in internet marketing, or want to improve your results in an existing business, there is a program that will coach and mentor you as you develop the techniques you need to be successful. I will explain how this can help you in this Six Figure Mentors review.

Every day thousands of people start an internet business but many do not succeed in earning a good income. One of the main reasons for the high failure rate is that most marketers do not have the important skills to succeed and are unaware of where they can get the training to obtain them.

While it is true you need determination and a positive attitude to earn substantial income, you must have the marketing expertise to get the results you are working to achieve.

Best Home Based Business built by an Internet Millionaire

The Six Figure Mentors community was started by Internet millionaire Stuart Ross. Stuart has had remarkable success on the internet, by achieving a multiple six figure income and being able to quit his job within a year. He wanted a training and mentoring community that would be available to help people worldwide . The goal was to teach people how they could also generate a six figure income and live the life of their dreams. There is no better training than from people who are already generating the kind of income you desire.

The Six Figure Mentors system is a complete training resource that will show you the strategies multi-millionaires are using to create wealth using the internet. The community offers video tutorials, webinars, tools, coaching, a members forum, and technical help. You will learn how to create easy and effective lead capture pages. Full step by step instruction is included. This dynamic training will help you reach your goals quickly, even if you are brand new to internet marketing.

A members forum allows you to interact and form relationships with other entrepreneurs. Active participation is encouraged with team sharing and co-ops.

Mentorships are also available. This entitles you to live training and mentoring by some of the most successful internet entrepreneurs today. There are live events, including an Elite Mastermind where you will form friendships with people as determined as you are to create financial freedom. If you are unable to attend the events are also be available to you online.

Membership with The Six Figure Mentors will teach you exactly what six figure income earners are doing so you can duplicate their success. This will dramatically accelerate your income while you work with the very best in the internet marketing industry.

The Six Figure Mentors can change your life, regardless of your background or experience. It is the “best home based business” for training and coaching internet entrepreneurs, with  step by step foundations showing you exactly how to become financially independent using the internet providing all the tool to get you there.

Best Home Based Business reviewed

Here is a back office tour from one of the top earners at The Six Figure Mentors.

To apply for an application to join The Six Figure Mentors Home business go here now



Mark Stokes


legitimate Home Based Business Opportunities UK

Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunities UK

legitimate home based business opportunities

legitimate home based business opportunities


A home based business is becoming one of the most sought after income streams on the internet today, mainly because it happens in the comfort and safety of your home .There is over  50,000 searches on Google a week for the keyword home based business.This is people searching for a better way of living without having to commute and work for the man…

There are many hyped systems online have promised to offer “legitimate home based business opportunities” and solutions that have turned out to be scams after a long complicated process of application that eventually asks you for money in the end and does not deliver as promised. However, there are legitimate high income home based business which are available online and are 100% effective if only you follow as directed. The six figure mentors, an online business platform is one of the legitimate online systems that have created successful home based business owners in over 80 countries worldwide.


Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunities

The six figure mentors is an application only, which when accepted will enable you to have the opportunity to create an income within 6-12 weeks afterwards. Unlike other online systems that offer you a tutorial, a DVD, or just some email updates and just leave you to figure out yourself, the six figure mentors system ensures that the online community is with you every step of the way and live coaching is implemented on the training with by already established Six Figure Mentors home based business owners.

Therefore anyone who needs to start a home based business, or needs to improve their existing one, or just tired and demoralized by their day job, retirees, jobless people and anyone with a desire to have time and money will find The Six Figure mentors system the most effective system in ensuring success the right way.

There really is no reason why you should not run a legitimate and successful home business with the help of the six figure mentors because they will run you through very effective educative training and help you create a virtual office with effective technical support which will later reach a six figure profits level provided you put the time and energy in.This is not for everyone, building a real business takes time and money so if you think this is going to be about just pressing a few buttons and you are going to get a six figure income then this is not for you.However this system can change your life forever if used in the right way.

Here is a message from one of the top income earners and founder members Mark Stokes

Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunities for Newbies

There are video tutorials and valuable content that you can access for better understanding especially when you are new to the internet. You will be shown the ropes on how to market your business,and are allowed a question and answer live session in the form of webinars which are held weekly, perfect for whatever clarification you might need. Established earners on six figure mentors will guide you step by step on the latest marketing strategies to help your online business grow. You will have direct access to these great mentors anytime you need them.

When you have signed up there is a six figure mentors community forum, where you will find like minded entrepreneurs sharing ideas and motivating each other. You can also ask for clarification and advice on these forums by live chats and get instant answers.


 Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunities are Rare

It is very important to read the reviews by the many very successful home-based business owners to understand how effective and legitimate The Six Figure Mentors really is. It is a far cry from the numerous online scam opportunities that claim to make you a millionaire. Besides The Six Figure Mentors has been in operation for nearly 2 years and has changed the lives of  many entrepreneurs  giving them  legitimate home based business opportunities worldwide.

here is a quick message from internet millionaire, mentor and founder of The Six Figure Mentors Stuart Ross…

legitimate home based business opportunities

legitimate home based business opportunities by Stuart Ross

Looking for more training or wanting to get started go here now

Make money online home based business Opportunity for Newbies

Make money online home based business Opportunity for you

Just over 12 months ago I started marketing this home based business opportunity.After a few weeks and months of failing forward not really knowing what I was doing, is now showing signs this online home business really will give what it says on the tin (help newbies make six figures online).In this post I want to share what results this home based business opportunity has produced in the last 7 days..Income proof  in video’s below.

Here’s a video I made yesterday while out running for my half marathon coming up at the end of this month.

Apply to get some home business coaching here’s a message from founder Stuart Ross


Make money online home based business makes $2,119.95 in 6 days

Make money online home based business Opportunity in the UK

make money online home based business

make money online home based business

This UK “make money online home based business opportunity” has given me the opportunity to learn all the internet marketing skills required to promote products and services online and provide a residual income for life.In only a short few months I have gone from a complete newbie creating my Facebook and You Tube profile 12 months ago, to becoming on of the leaders and top income earners in this Home based business arena.It has given me the opportunity to train hundreds of like minded entrepreneurs on master marketing webinars, to speaking on stage, and then having the honour of being awarded the member of the month with James my brother  for contribution and productivity

Make money online home based business Opportunity London

See below me and James speaking on stage at the Six Figure Mentors momentum day in London

mark stokes


Are you ready to Start Your Personal Journey Towards FREEDOM Today!


 make money online home based business


Empower Network Helping The People Make Money Online

Empower Network Helping The People Make Money Online

Empower Network

Empower Network has been set up by two guys David Wood and David Sharpe these guys are really giving back to the people helping them make money online at 100% commission using the same system that is making them hundreds of dollars a day.After looking into this system and trying to find any faults gimmicks or hype, I have to say I could only find inspiring content that is going to help new people or struggling Internet marketers make money online fast.One of the most exciting things for me is it’s not about the guru’s making all the money its the guru’s making money for you.Having mentored many members over the last year, the most common problem that stops them making money online is down to struggling with all the techie stuff ,and not marketing enough and doing money making activities.This system is so simple it is almost to good to be true.This system requires no selling or convincing all that is taken care of for you by David Wood and David Sharp.All you have to do is drive traffic to the squeeze page and the rest is left to the system to do the rest,all for a low investment of $25…

Empower Network Helping The People Make Money Online

Here’s a quick video I shot for you below



Empower Network Helping The People Make Money Online

Here is a list of what you get when joining the Empower Network

  • Your own aged domain blogging website ranked by Google
  • A landing page converting at 25%
  • A video sales page  selling the opportunity for you by David Wood and David Sharp
  • Built in automated email service
  • Daily email swipes for your list
  • Live weekly conference  update calls
  • Live weekly opportunity webinar for your prospects
  • Step by step training video’s and mp3 audios for your car or Ipod,Iphone
  • PDF download core checklist
  • Inner circle product upgrade for enhanced commissions and training
  • Intensive workshop training upgrade for one time payment commissions & intense marketing training

If you are looking to get started online and want to get out of the 9-5 rat race and build a business that is automated here is your chance. Enter your details below for some more information and private access to our team training on how this business can change your life forever and this was almost kept a secret. See you on the other side



Mark Stokes
Empower Network Coach & Mentor

Empower Network


Empower Network


David Wood & David Sharpe Launch Empower Network

David Wood & David Sharpe Launch Empower Network

David wood

I have been getting a lot of emails and calls of late from my members and  subscribers asking what is this Empower network thing all about ? so the purpose of this article is to help people get a better understanding of what’s about to change Internet marketing and how to make money online for affiliate & network marketers.

After following David Wood & David Sharpe for some time now and watching,listening to their story’s and seeing their success grow online daily ,the Empower Network excites me so much this is going to change the way to market online very quickly.David Wood & David Sharpe have built this product and service for the people not for themselves,this system will enable the complete newbie to get started online and be making money faster than any business opportunity online guaranteed.

david wood

David Wood & David Sharp Launch Empower Network

The make money online niche has a failure rate of 95% or more, why because it takes too long to learn all the techie stuff build a product of your own to make enough money to live on.Most newbie try to do their marketing part time while still working the 9-5 job and do not focus on daily money making activities and go into learning mode, get overwhelmed and give up.David Wood & David Sharpe have put together a duplicatable online business that pays 100% commission instantly into your bank account from day one.

David Wood & David Sharp Launch Empower Network

You do not have to be a guru to make money with this,the guru’s will make the money for you.All you have to do is plug into the system start driving traffic to the squeeze page they give you.You then get leads to your sales page given to you, and all the selling is done by David Wood & David Sharpe. There is no selling,telling or calling by yourself and you get 100% of the commission ….this has never been heard of on the internet before and will upset a lot of the top guru’s out there.David Wood has caused a revolution online in only 2 weeks of launch there has been over 5000 people join, paying out over $750,000 commission already.

See a  quick back office tour below..

All members can access their leads and stats in their back office, and use Empower Net­work as a vehi­cle to build any busi­ness they want on the back end. David Wood and the Empower Net­work is the quickest affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing sys­tem to grow a net­work mar­ket­ing or online busi­ness, faster than anything known online to date, and will allow you to quickly and effi­ciently learn the skill sets you need to make it online.One of the most noticeable things when trying to find faults(could not find any) with this opportunity there is no hype or bullshit going on its just pure passion to help the people make money online and live the laptop lifestyle we all deserve.

Empower Net­work mem­ber­ship starts you with an 6-8-part audio train­ing series with sim­ple core prin­ci­ples check list, that give you a step by step guide to set up your own merchant account and what to do with your new blogging website and how to use it to allow you to make money on the very first day you get started, lit­er­ally the moment anyone buys your products or services. NO more wait­ing for 90 days for com­mis­sions and No more 25% com­mis­sion cheques, 100% paid instantly into your bank account ! It’s an absolute  no brainer for any seri­ous online  marketer out there!

Go here for more information about David Wood and the Empower Network===> www.almostasecret.info


Mark Stokes

David Wood your the man!!


Internet Marketing Business


Here’s what this Internet Marketing Business is all



For the last 5 years, I have been hunting down…testing… and proving Secret online ways to literally force any  internet marketing business to explode with big profit and more online traffic. I have spent a FORTUNE on Travelling the globe to Learn from the experts, mentors, and bought cutting-edge internet marketing business material and information from the worlds leading internet millionaire makers. I made all the “rookie” mistakes, learned our lessons, fixed the problems and honed the stuff that has worked to magical – results. And it’s paid off, beyond belief. My internet marketing business “bag of tricks” are now bursting with specific “ simple no brainer” ways to automatically put your new internet marketing business on autopilot. It’s an amazing internet marketing business you can plug into your own EXISTING offline business quickly along with your new start up internet marketing business,easily and without any real financial risk at all.

internet marketing business

Internet Marketing Business

It’s already blueprinted for you. All the E products you’ll ever need to SELL, already  planned out. All the ways to find new online traffic, Customers, and how to keep them, and even get back “lost” customers you’ll ever need. Everything necessary for the most effective online marketing and advertising business you could ever dream of.

And it’s so EASY to put this internet marketing business to work for YOU!

I decided to join this internet marketing business after years of hard graft and  selling an hour of my time for a pound or dollar with my own Home improvement business in the UK. In fact within 4 years I grew from zero to 1.6 million turnover and was voted one of the two most successful business Entrepeneurs in 2008 ,they even wrote a chapter in Dan kennedy’s book called the PHENOMENON how to achieve more in 12 months than the previous TWELVE YEARS pages 195,196,197 first edition.But this was not the life I wanted I had a burning desire to have an internet lifestyle and have that freedom we all desire so I took action and did it.About me

I will show you how others, in nearly every other category of internet marketing busines’s you can think of, have used this Internet Marketing Business to get absolutely jaw-dropping results AND PROFIT.

Dog experts, Golf pro’s, Psychotherapy experts ,professional Photography, E book writers, accountants,Garage Machanics, – you name it – have all gotten amazing results from this Internet marketing business.

It doesn’t matter what your current situation is either. This internet marketing business has been used to bring entrepreneurs from the brink of bankruptcy to stunning profits, in just 3-6 months. It works when the economy’s bad, when competition is all over you, even when everything else has failed miserably already. You’re going to want to see this opportunity its not a matter of SHOULD it’s a MUST!!. Finally, you get to be “in” on the really good “insider” stuff that WILL change everything for you. Literally overnight.

This is a internet marketing business that can and will be earning you profits while you SLEEP!

I’ll even make it worth your time to see what this fuss is all about. Listen: If what I Teach you doesn’t put you on the road to MAKING HUGE profit WITHIN 6 months…I Will Pay You $300.00 Just For Your Trouble! No strings attached. I am  that confident this will work for you the same amazing way it does for me and my team. Let me be perfectly straight. I am not suggesting this internet marketing business will work for you… I am guaranteeing it will.

Here’s what what I have for you:

Over the years – both while making my  own ONLINE business a raging success, and helping other businesses do the same – Your Net Biz have help me  created a mega-effective “short cut” way to help you understand and use this internet marketing business quickly. I will break everything down into easily digestible “chunks” of information… so you can go straight to any section in the back office you need immediate help on, and find out what to do first. I will work with YOU and explain what you’ll receive in the Platinum internet  Marketing business:

your net biz





How would you like to have over 4000 tested and proven ACTUAL E Products that you can copy and re brand , or use as “blueprints” in your OWN NAME, right away? The back office is loaded with thousands of ideas to Provide You With Eager Customers Ready to Buy,” and it’s bursting with specific products, Videos, E books, you can upload to the net without a second thought (or any extra head scratching) to fill your business with customers. Each section is a literal road map of what to do, and how you can do it. You don’t have to “invent” a single thing. It’s also crammed with tutorial videos, webinar events, conference calls, scripts and other tactics that have repeatedly brought in mind blowing results for businesses all over the world. [Read more…]

Learn how to start a “spare-time” online marketing business and participate in the Digital Gold Rush!
Instant access