1. On purchasing the ‘Get BB Referrals Auto Software System’ hereafter referred to as ‘GRASS’- a confirmation email will be sent to you and will request specific information to allow Banners Broker Experts to configure the system for you personally. Failure to supply this information will result in a delay of the systems supply.

2. The system will be supplied with generic video inserts and these will periodically updated / changed and Banners Broker Experts reserve the right to make such alteration without prior notice to users of the system.

3. The system allows the user to automate a ‘step by step’ process progressing a potential new member to a final ‘sign up’ page within Banners Broker and linked to the users Banners Broker account. This system in no way guarantees either new subscribers joining the users mailing list or such subscribers joining the Banners Broker.

4. The GRASS has been developed and supplied at a subsidized initial price of $99 and requires a monthly subscription of $49 ongoing. Should a user cancel the subscription within the first 3 months, then a one off charge of $50 will be applied to cover the initial set up costs.

5. The monthly $49 subscription will be charged automatically on 1st of each month and will continue until cancelled in writing by the user.

6. Cancellation notices should be sent via email to leeoakey@me.com and a 14 day notice period is required to cancel the subscription. Therefore is such a cancellation is made after 16th of the month then the cancellation cannot be guaranteed  within the same calendar month.

7. An annual review of monthly subscriptions charges will be made and any changes to the monthly amount will be notified to all users via email 30 days in advance of any changes being made.

8. Should a monthly subscription payment fail, 2 further attempts will be made. Should all 3 payments attempts fail then we reserve the right suspend / cancel the subscription without further notice.

9. Note: The configuration of the GRASS is solely dependent on the user supplying the information contained within the order confirmation sent to the user. Should such information not be sent then indicated times for the set up of the system cannot be relied on.

10. Should changes to the GRASS be required by any user, then we reserve the right to quite for such works and charge accordingly on receiving such instructions from the user.