The 10 Daily commandments to Making 10k a month in 2013 and Beyond

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The Key 10 Daily commandments

If you are looking to build a business on the Internet and just getting started out then you need to follow the 10 commandments below.This information I am sharing here is from 2 years of blood sweat and tears of failing forward, to be able to give up my job and go full time, and making a 5 figure income. All done by working from a laptop.

Lets Go !!!


10commandments-new Must do 10 Daily commandments  to 10k a month


  1.  1.)Blog daily,   first job in morning ,  swipe and spin or new create new content   45 mins max


  1.     2)     Syndicate your blog to Pingler, onlywire, also post to Facebook groups targeted to your blog post content..


    3)  Place 1 classified ad i.e. ebay,friday ads,gumtree,craigs list,


    4)  Create a PPC campaign i.e. , Facebook, YouTube promoted video,bing ppc,


    5)  Send tweet to twitter via Marketme suite with status going to squeeze page

    6) Find a solo ad provider using google ,click bank, keyword research site with high Alexa rank.

         contact them to negotiate a deal and find out list size, quality and have they had the same offer recently, if so don’t use them or try a different approach.


    7)   place solo ad, providing copy and tracking link to list owner.


    8)   Send a broadcast to list , offering tips and tricks or sending them to an offer


     9)   Contact and friend request on FB and Speak to one prospect from list on the phone or Skype


    10)   Create head to phone video with I phone  2 mins max  call to action to optin below video

If you stick to these daily task and be consistent for at least 30 days it will become a habit and be Impossible NOT to be making 10k a month online within 90 days 


NOTE: you must have a high ticket product to offer with a well converting sales funnel.

by being an affiliate with good commissions on the back end and a sales funnel all done for you is KEY …


Most people starting out give up because they try to do stuff that is not money making activities and try to build their own products and sales funnel.


The secret when just getting started is to find some success with an affiliate programme and use your success, income proof to leverage more sales and then have the cash to outsource your own system and products later…

Here are my top 2 recommendations for high ticket affiliate programs when just getting started .


1. The Digital Experts Academy  founders Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek unto 50% commissions highest product value is $20,000  for more info go here



2. Empower Network  founders Dave Wood & Dave Sharpe high ticket paying 100% commissions upto $3000 for 1 sale.  for more information go here.


new-year-resolutions-300x300Now one of the secrets keys to making 10k in a month online is to have multiple income streams.But the biggest problem with that is most people take on too much, get overwhelmed with too much information and work, they actually do nothing.What tends to happen is you go into consuming information and do NOT actually produce, and avoid money making activities..

Here are my recommendations for 2 of the hottest passive online business opportunities that require very little time and return daily profits on autopilot.


1. Banners Broker  this is an online advertising company that share the profits with members.They make money very much like Google do.  you can get a free account first and check it out

If you want to here some real interviews from Millionaires with Banners Broker then go here

2. Profit clicking  this is one of the easiest ways to make money on the net I have ever come across !

you know what they say if it looks to good to be true it normally is so go careful don’t invest loads of money until you feel comfortable with it .. The business model with profit clicking is sending their members to company website through their traffic exchange and again sharing the profits .You can get a free account and they reward you with your first free ad package for $10 . here is a link where you can set up your free account


I hope you found this blog helpful and inspiring to set you goals for 2013 and beyond. Go out there and take action and start making $10,000 a month online ..and slay your Boss 🙂



be consistent in what you do !

and remember if you fail to plan you plan to fail


Happy New Year

Mark Stokes

“The Job Slayer”

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