The Empower Network Is set up to prosper from Quitters?

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The Empower Network Is set up to prosper from Quitters?

Listening to a Empower Network team training call today I was amazed to hear that if your downline decide quit then all the daily blogs they have done over time will stay active and all the organic traffic flowing to their blog will pass up to you!!Having this type of software tracking and compensation plan you can be assured this will give anyone new to the Internet or people who are failing to make money online will be able to build a sustainable business online for many many years to come..

The Empower Network Is all set up for Quitters?

David Wood explained this was something he wanted for his team members to encourage everyone to blog daily and help their team blog daily to get content onto the Internet so as to give long term residual income for years to come.

You can listen to the call here ==>

Here is some Stats after just 50 days

  • 12,000 members enrolled
  • 2.6 millions of page views a day
  • 92,0000 pages indexed by google
  • 100,000 blogs a year predicted


  • 59 people made more than $5000 in 50 days
  • 27 people made over $10,0000
  • blogging daily is key to your success
  • sell $25 product and you get 100%


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