The Secrets to Goal Setting in 2013 and Beyond

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Why  Should YOU  Prepare for

Success in the New Year 2013

The festive season is coming to an end and now is the time to get ready for the new year ahead.

let me give you some reasons why you should be preparing for your goal setting in 2013!

will 2013 be any different from last year?

treat this upcoming year as your best year ever , but first you MUST be  mentally prepared for it.


Goal Setting in 2013

How many sacrifices did you make last year to get your goals? How much time and money did you spend on self-improvement and  developing your skills?

I hope you can clearly see how everything is perfectly aligned for you to create massive action in the new year 2013.

Over night successes is never over night!

stop beating yourself up if you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to in 2012, it’s now in the past and doesn’t matter.

You MUST focus on the hand you are currently holding to be able to move forward.

Stop suffering from comparitis in regards to people outside of you who have created success and now choose to focus on this new you in the new year.

Help with your New Year Goals setting

There are a few areas I am going to suggest working on, depending on your goals of course.

IF you are a content creator, like me, I suggest you learn the new rules of SEO ( search engine optimisation) so you can get more traffic to your site and videos.

For those that are new to creating content like blogs, articles or youtubes, this basically means how to rank on the front page of Google and how to get people and leads with your website.


Another area I suggest being honest with yourself is your mindset.

I did some deep digging this past year and it has helped me reach new levels in my business. Pay close attention to what I am about to say…IF you are NOT at the income and savings level that you want to be, it IS a mindset problem. It is the whole, you don’t know what you don’t know scenario and I would suggest working on that programming that kept you at whatever level you were at in 2012 if you want to get to the next level in 2013.

How to follow through / persist with your Goals? – Tony Robbins [part 1]

Is it a New Year and a NEW YOU ??

Create a vision and go for it !

one that excites you and drives you to be compelled to achieve pull not push is key….

you gotta have strong enough reason to pull you through when you are weakning don’t let the fear take over and give..

strong enough reasons will pull you through you goal setting..

you must also review your goal setting everyday,be obsesed

make it a part of your daily thoughts..

…get clarity!

IF you are like me you have gone through struggles, had some tough times and have a powerful story that others would love to hear.

The best way for others to hear your story is for YOU to set goals and follow them through to get success in the new year 2013, and that will help your story get the exposure needed so YOU can  inspire others all over the world.

Set goals and Create Success because you deserve it and OTHERS deserve to be inspired by it!

here is to your success and goal setting in 2013

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