The Six Figure Mentors Elite Training Day in London

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Elite Training Day in London with Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Well what an exciting time we had in Lodon with Stuart Ross and the Six Figure Mentors team

we had special guest Jay Kubassek give us some inspirational information to what is just around the corner

in this as he calls it the age of the Digital Entrepreneur.

If you have been looking into the Six Figure Mentors then your timing is perfect..

there is going to be some amazing announcements and opportunities for the existing affiliates

so if you grab an application and your are on the inside when it happens then you are going to be

a very happy bunny 🙂 you will find a link further down for your application form


The Six Figure Mentors age of the Digital Entrepreneur

Right now offline business’s are suffering big time also jobs are getting replaced by the digital age

business owners are out sourcing alot of stuff to other countries and taking advantage of the lower

hourly rates and the ability to leverage the Internet to get more tasks completed much faster by companies

offering outsources.There is no recession on the internet and taking action now to learn the skills to be

a digital Entrepreneur will safe guard you and your children from this declining offline economy…


The Six Figure Mentors vision in 2012/13 and beyond

It was great to get to work with Jay Kubassek and listen to his vision and see his creativity in looking to change the future

of the direct sales arena online.

Jay Kubassek and Mark Stokes


Stuart Ross the founder of the six figure mentors has been working along side Jay Kubassek to help see how he can bring a new dimension to the Internet Marketing Industry.He said existing members of the SFM will be very very happy when it is all annouced how he intends to achieve this.


He also said that “if people are sitting on the fence looking at The Six Figure Mentors they need to get in now before it’s all annouced” there will be thousands of dollars of saving for existing members..





A Six Figure Mentors Student Testimonial by Jon Allo

It was great to finally meet one of my students at the SFM day in london he is  from Jersey listen to how he

is doing….

 to get started here is the application page.

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