Six Figure Mentors and The Entrepreneur

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Six Figure Mentors and The Entrepreneur

Six figure mentors

Six figure mentors and the entrepreneur


The Six Figure Mentors known as (SFM) is a private group of entrpreneurs  committed to helping train new entrepreneurs to make a six-figure income on online, weather it be a new business venture or to help them grow there offline business to allow automation leveraging the Internet and having a lot more time and freedom.

The Six Figure Mentors Group was set up by entrepreneur Stuart Ross making such incredible income of 1.8 million dollars within a 2 year period from a similar US business model to the one he has now hatched in the UK called The Six Figure Mentors.Stuart became a victim of his own success and very quiclky had an army of Entrepreneurs  needing his personal mentorship and coaching.In order  for Stuart Ross to help new people to a fast six figure income and vastly enhance their chances of success he has built a complex affiliate tracking membership empire like no other on the internet today (costing just over $300,000 to develop). SFM runs itself as a community with existing six figure earners helping with the training and support, which helps to take away the loneliness and difficulty that some people working from home experience.Stuart Ross being a true Entrepreneur and a burning desire to help build a group of like minded Entrepreneurs and be able to live the Internet Laptop Lifestyle that he has managed to secure by leveraging the Internet.Application to join is here

Stuart Ross at the six figure mentors

The Six Figure Mentors & Stuart Ross

Six Figure Mentors and The Entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs think they can start up an online business or franchise business opportunity with no experience. However, this is marketing at its purest, and if one cannot sell, one cannot make money. As with every business, hard work is at the heart of it, and anyone who thinks they will be making oodles of money within a couple of months, is fooling themselves. That is why The Six Figure Mentors is so valuable; it is a entrepreneurs university for Internet marketing online. It will teach the student entrepreneur how to find a  market, what to market, what to charge, how to build a converting automated sales funnel that will bring in the sales while you sleep . SFM will provide all the tools,websites,sales pages,automated webinar,marketing banners to straight to market and be making money within a 10 step set up sequence provided with the SFM.

Six Figure Mentors and The Entrepreneur

To become a member of the “six figure mentors” Group of entrepreneurs,you will have to complete an application or has  has to be recommended by another member. Once accepted, the new member has full facilities of the community & tools, such as the blog on which members impart news from the internet-marketing world, and there is training as well as technical support. There is a forum for asking other members for their experience and impartial assistance in the same area of interest as you.

In addition to the forum, ‘coffee chats’ and ‘cocktail chats’ exist where a group will fix a time to speak to one another. There are opportunities to speak to the Mentors and gain their expertise, as well as email and instant messenger service for an immediate answer to a sticking point. There are many DVDs available, which are continually being made, and ‘webinar’s’ where you can join in a live seminar.


(Note members detail have been blurred out for privacy reasons)

the Six figure mentors

Six figure mentors and the Entrepreneur

“The Six Figure Mentors”

arecurrently offering an application with over 6 hours of behind closed door training by Stuart Ross (he charged up to $5000 for the attendees), with the use of their DVDs and a profit strategy report written by Stuart .

For the serious would-be entrepreneur, this is an excellent proposal, where  you can see what is offered, and whether it is suitable. This, in itself, is a taught marketing technique, where you can exchange your email address for a free report, or a heavily discounted package, and this  will all be covered in the video training courses.


Wishing every success on your online Journey to freedom

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