My name is Mark stokes

Author of “The essential Internet Marketing Guide to Building your Online Business Fast” Co founder of Internet Lifestyle Academy and creator of The Internet Lifestyle Formula

Having closed my offline business 2 years ago , I turned to the Internet looking for a ways to make money Online and a better way to leverage my time and not having to sell a hour of my time for money … I now work full time online working from my laptop anywhere I want with whom I want at anytime I desire ..

I  achieved my first $10,000 online after months of failing forward and now consistently have $1000 -$1500 days  ..

Over the last three years I have helped dozens of people from all types of background create financial freedom through digital marketing.

Over the last 2 years I have helped hundreds of people from all types of backgrounds make money online through Digital Marketing,and one of my passions is to help people move closer to sacking their Boss and live a life of freedom we all deserve..

A recent example of this is Jeramy Bligh from Huntingdon Cambridgeshire in the Uk ,who as a single dad was working a 60 hour week in the direct sales area selling double glazing door to door.Desperately needing to spend more time at home looking after his son he turned to the Internet.

He is now experiencing $1000 days and has the luxury of paying his mortgage with just one of the income streams he was introduced too through my Digital step by step six figure system….

One of my recent students Lee Oakey aged 43 recently moved from the UK to settle with his wife Tami in California US. Lee was able to take my step by step 6 figure system to build his online business.In less than 90 days Lee has been able replace his UK income,and is now on target to exceed a 6 figures during 2013.

For many people it may be about the money however what was really important to Lee was the ability eliminate  the concerns of starting fresh in a new country and provide for his family.

Video testimonials for some of my students are here

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To your success online

Mark Stokes