What is Internet Marketing ?

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What Is Internet Marketing

Chances are you are here wanting learn Internet marketing and get a better understanding of  Internet Marketing, well in this article I am going to give you some tips to help you understand the most important strategy to make money online.

First of all Internet marketing is about knowing how to sell a product or service online.Without knowing where to find targeted traffic,turn them into leads then build a relationship with your list, giving them great value, you will be one of the statistics of the Internet marketing newbies (95% fail rate) .People come to the internet to make money online, buy business opportunities and think that will be the magic key to success,well the naked truth is people fail not systems.There are thousands of business opportunity online but the key to success is learning and understanding Internet marketing. Here are some key strategies to learn along the journey to mastering the skill of Internet Marketing…

What is Internet Marketing

  1. Traffic sources where to find target traffic for your niche
  2. How to build a list free and paid 
  3. Learning how to create a marketing sales funnel
  4. How to communicate to you list and give massive value
  5. pay per click advertising using Google,Yahoo,Bing,seven search
  6. Learn the secrets to great Banner adds placement
  7. How and where to place free and paid classified adds
  8. learning copy writing, know what killer headlines to use in your niche
  9. conversions and knowing your numbers
  10. Tracking techniques and essential software tools to help you 

what is internet marketing

Keys for Successful Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has some important areas to master in order to achieve a successful internet marketing business .
They are:

1. Traffic or list building This is one of the most important things of successful internet marketing. In this an internet marketing newbie should learn about how to draw traffic from pay-per-click, article writing, social media, or other kinds of which you can acquire traffic.

2. Conversions

In this area, internet marketing newbie will learn that conversions are not only about arranging words which could work better and what buttons are effective to drive the traffic of the website. As a marketer, you would need to know where your traffic is coming from and put your concern on areas which would bring the maximum results of your efforts.

3. Personal Branding

If you want to be successful from internet marketing, you need to understand that the greatest internet marketers have reached their success by creating personal branding and know the concept of attraction marketing. Actually, if you are in internet marketing, you are not going to succeed if you don’t,you need to build the success around yourself. It is because you need to build your online presence to result in building the credibility which would make people put their trust in you. The basic foundation of internet marketing is to get the customers trust.Here is a video from two business of mine who have taken Internet Marketing to another level


Successful Internet marketing can be reached by doing the above three important aspects altogether. And the most essential key to success is perseverance,taking daily massive action to marketing  and never ever quit!!

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