What will you do with your digital life? The Digital Experts ACADEMY Launches..

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The Digital Experts ACADEMY is finally here ..

Digital Experts Academy is a high-level education and training program with a collective of the world’s leading digital entrepreneurs committed to sharing their strategies and business success to members starting in 2013.

You’ve seen what has happened to the job..

…markets in the last few years.

Unemployment has been very high all over the world.

..employment just isn’t cutting it for lots of people
as a stable income source anymore.

And did you know that the average employee is
making between 20 and 30% of what he/she is
actually worth to the employer?

(Source: “Ruthless Time Management” by
Dan Kennedy.)Imagine a life without limits.

If that bothers you even just a little… if you feel
your blood begin to boil when you think about
how hard you work, yet how little you have left
over to do what you really want to,


pay close attention…

There’s a better way to live than all of that.

watch this video below is this YOU ?

life without borders, boundaries, or limitations.

Imagine a life where you get to call the shots
and write your own check.

Imagine being able to do what you want, with
whomever you want, as often as you want.

Imagine having control over all of your time..

Imagine being able to work for yourself…
experiencing the fulfillment that can only come
from fulfilling your own purpose in life. Not
someone else’s, but YOURS.

Imagine financial freedom and independence,
being totally self-sufficient, answering to no one.

Millions of people around the world are beginning
to wake up to the fact that there’s a better way to
live than the “traditional economy” can give them.

The desire is there. All they are missing is the
way that sets them up for success in the “digital

That’s what I am here to show you today.

How to live what Stuart Ross likes to refer to as his Laptop Lifestyle.

Fair warning: once you see there’s a better way
out there, you won’t be able to say you never had
the chance to create a better life.

What will you do with it? Click here to get started!

Mark Stokes

mark stokes

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