Why is Empower Network showing The Way

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Why is Empower Network showing The Way


David Wood and David Sharp have shown the way to paying out $1000,0000 in 100%

commissions in just under 3 weeks!! How are these guys doing this ?

Empower Network.…what is it?

The Empower Net­work is a built in mar­ket­ing blog­ging sys­tem that does all the hard work for you (no tech­ni­cal set up). All you do is cre­ate valu­able con­tent by blog­ging consistently.

Essen­tially, mem­bers main respon­si­bil­ity is to imple­ment the sim­ple train­ing they teach in the core check­list train­ing sec­tion in the state of the art mem­bers area. Empower Net­work takes care of the lead and sales con­ver­sions, train­ing and edu­ca­tion part of your busi­ness so you don’t have to.

Why is Empower Network showing The Way

You don’t do any sell­ing, David Wood and David Sharpe (2 of the top guru’s in the indus­try) do the sell­ing for you and you sim­ply col­lect 100% com­mis­sions, IMMEDIATELY!

Mem­bers can access their leads and team data, and use Empower Net­work as a vehi­cle to build what­ever busi­ness they want on the back end. Empower Net­work isthe per­fect affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing sys­tem to grow a net­work mar­ket­ing or online busi­ness, fast, and will allow you to quickly and effi­ciently learn the skills you need, minus the fluff or hype.

Empower Net­work Training:

Empower Net­work mem­ber­ship starts you with an 8-part train­ing series with sim­ple core prin­ci­ples that give you a step by step blue­print of what to do with your new blog and how to use it to allow you to make prof­its on the very first day, lit­er­ally the moment some­one buys some­thing. NO more wait­ing for 30, 60, 90 days for com­mis­sions and No more 10–20% com­mis­sion checks, 100% imme­di­ately, PERIOD! It’s a no brainer for any seri­ous marketer!

Why is Empower Network showing The Way

When the launch of  the Empower Network with Dave Sharpe, I was expecting it to grow fast…but not this fast.

David Wood had to hire  additional customer support , move the server 3 times, and as of right now, they are the highest trafficked site in the Network Marketing industry

Empower Network


For those of you who aren’t used to looking at Alexa, it’s the #1 traffic rating company in the world – what this chart means, is that in the last 7 days, they are the 1001st most popular website online, out of billions of web pages in hundreds of languages all over the world.


The purpose of this article is to show people who don’t understand our business model why we’re growing so fast, and what the REAL value of our company is.


Because in growing as fast as the Empower Network has, They have attracted a LOT of attention – both good, from fanatical people who are more excited than they’ve ever been in their life, AND from people who think we’re nothing but an excuse to pass money around.

As to the latter – nothing could be further from the truth.

Primarily, this is caused by the fact that when you look at the front of our domain, you’ll see about 10 articles and videos, some buttons to click on, and when you go through the capture page, you’ll see a sales video – and that’s it.

What you can’t see, is that in 14 days, we’ve created more than 4,900 blogs. All you need to do to see how many websites we’ve generated and how many pages exist on our domain is do a quick Google search that looks like this:

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