Wow That’s what i call a room with a view !

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Mark Here,

I have just woken to an amazing view here

in the Cananaries …:)

As i sit here on my balconey watching the sun rise

i feel so relieved  that 2 years ago I took the decision

to start a digital life and build a business online.

This whole trip has been paid for with the money I have

made digitaly (not sure if that a word lol)

It’s just the little things that get me now

being able to say yes to your kids in the airport

when thay say dad can i have this, and not having to say

no and be worrying about money all the time..

I remeber not to long ago I had to pretend I was not

hungry at the airport so my kids could have a bite to eat

at the airport 🙁

anyway I wanted to share my morning view with you all

because i feel so gratful to the power of having a digital life

and being able to sit here on my laptop conected to the

wifi conecting with the YOU

and making money on almost autopilot while enjoying

internet lifestyle in the sun.

off now for a morning run on the beach

with my son Thomas


Mark Stokes

“The 9-5 Escapist”

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digital skills to escape the 9-5

and live a life of freedom

get ann application to join my team and work

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This is the exact system that allowed me to escape the 9-5

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